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Death, Lonely Death

Crooked Timber
"At the speed of light, the Moon is one and a half seconds away. The Sun is about 8 minutes away. Voyager is twenty-two hours away." #space #voyager #nasa
Wed, 21 Feb 24 16:21:50 -0700

Apple’s iMessage Is Getting Post-Quantum Encryption

#apple #imessage #pq3 #encryption #cryptography #security
Wed, 21 Feb 24 12:56:56 -0700

Sir Paul McCartney is 'reunited' with treasured bass guitar he bought for £30 in 1961

Daily Mail
"A representativ [sic] for McCartney said: 'Following the launch of last year's Lost Bass project, Paul's 1961 Höfner 500/1 bass guitar, which was stolen in 1972, has been returned. The guitar has been authenticated by Höfner and Paul is incredibly grateful to all those involved.'" #beatles #paulmccartney
Thu, 15 Feb 24 11:15:50 -0700

Bob Edwards, NPR's longtime 'Morning Edition' host, dies at 76 : NPR

Mon, 12 Feb 24 22:56:12 -0700

60 years ago today, The Beatles and Ed Sullivan changed, well, everything

AV Club
"Devoid of context it’s just a historical fact, an anniversary of something that happened a long time ago. But through a cultural lens, it’s arguably one of the most significant events of the 20th century" #beatles #music
Fri, 09 Feb 24 10:27:26 -0700

Wild Apples: The 12 weirdest and rarest Macs ever made

Ars Technica
#apple #macintosh
Thu, 25 Jan 24 11:23:13 -0700

40 years later, the original Mac is more amazing than ever

Fast Company
#apple #macintosh
Wed, 24 Jan 24 16:08:38 -0700

Northern Exposure

Prime Video
One of my all time favorite shows is finally streaming 🙌 "It's not the thing you fling. It's the fling itself." #NorthernExposure #tv #primevideo
Wed, 17 Jan 24 15:36:55 -0700

TV - ‘Julia’ Canceled After Two Seasons at Max

Bummer, I liked this one. #tv
Thu, 11 Jan 24 07:56:34 -0700

Introducing Roku Pro Series TVs

#roku #tv #smarttv #smarthome
Wed, 03 Jan 24 11:19:22 -0700

Every Major Pharmacy Chain Is Giving The Government Warrantless Access To Medical Records

"Three chains (CVS, Kroger, and Rite Aid) all told Congress they don’t even do a legal review of the subpoenas handed to them by government agencies" #privacy
Fri, 29 Dec 23 10:32:15 -0700

New York Times sues OpenAI And Microsoft over AI copying its content

Interesting Engineering
Thu, 28 Dec 23 11:39:59 -0700

Beeper says it’s done trying to bring iMessage to Android

Well, that was entertaining even though the ending was entirely predictable. #apple #beepermini #imessage
Thu, 21 Dec 23 13:34:32 -0700

Variety- Mayim Bialik Leaving 'Jeopardy!'

You won’t hear any complaints from me. #jeopardy #tv
Sat, 16 Dec 23 22:19:11 -0700

US senator: Govts spy on Apple, Google users via mobile notifications

Bleeping Computer
"Data collection through this method helps link devices to Apple or Google accounts and may also allow access to unencrypted notification content, including text displayed on the receiving smartphone." #privacy
Wed, 06 Dec 23 15:14:34 -0700

Sunbird / ‘Nothing Chats’ is Not Secure
#security #privacy
Sat, 18 Nov 23 10:52:09 -0700

TV - ‘The Bear’ Star Matty Matheson Drops Free Digital Cookbook, ‘Cookin’ Somethin’ for Co

#food #cooking #thebear
Sun, 29 Oct 23 13:31:18 -0700

Kelsey Grammer’s ‘Frasier’ Reboot Is More Charming Than Expected

#tv #frasier
Fri, 13 Oct 23 10:33:16 -0700

Michael Chiarello Dead: Former Food Network Star Was 61

#food #cooking
Sun, 08 Oct 23 19:26:50 -0700

The Moral Case for No Longer Engaging With Elon Musk’s X

Fri, 06 Oct 23 14:42:29 -0700

Gen Z falls for online scams more than their boomer grandparents do

"Gen Z Americans were three times more likely to get caught up in an online scam than boomers were (16 percent and 5 percent, respectively). Compared to boomers, Gen Z was also twice as likely to have a social media account hacked (17 percent and 8 percent). Fourteen percent of Gen Z-ers surveyed said they’d had their location information misused, more than any other generation"
Thu, 21 Sep 23 10:06:12 -0700

Google gets its way, bakes a user-tracking ad platform directly into Chrome

Ars Technica
#privacy #chrome
Fri, 08 Sep 23 22:51:45 -0700

Experts Fear Crooks are Cracking Keys Stolen in LastPass Breach

Krebs on Security
"a steady trickle of six-figure cryptocurrency heists targeting security-conscious people throughout the tech industry has led some security experts to conclude that crooks likely have succeeded at cracking open some of the stolen LastPass vaults" #lastpass #security
Thu, 07 Sep 23 17:36:38 -0700

TV - ‘Only Murders in the Building’: All the Meryl Streep Easter Eggs Inside Loretta’s Apa

#merylstreep #omitb #onlymurdersinthebuilding
Tue, 29 Aug 23 18:55:17 -0700

‘American Graffiti’ at 50: An oral history of ‘the quintessential hot rod movie’

#americangraffiti #movies
Tue, 15 Aug 23 15:51:25 -0700

Linear TV Viewing Drops Below 50% of U.S. Television Usage for First Time, Streaming Hits

#streaming #ott #tv
Tue, 15 Aug 23 07:28:02 -0700

Is Telegram Sharing User Data with Government Agencies?

Restore Privacy
#telegram #privacy
Fri, 11 Aug 23 17:24:21 -0700

If Trump Gets Convicted, Blame Ulysses S. Grant

"Grant works as an example in almost any situation. That's Grant's legacy." - CJ Cregg #thewestwing
Thu, 03 Aug 23 13:15:46 -0700

Why I’m switching to Home Assistant

#iot #homeassistant #staceyoniot #kevintofel
Wed, 02 Aug 23 09:32:58 -0700

Tesla created secret team to suppress thousands of driving range complaints

#tesla #elonmusk
Thu, 27 Jul 23 12:30:03 -0700

‘Righteous Gemstones’ Renewed for Season 4 at HBO

#righteousgemstones #tv #hbo
Thu, 27 Jul 23 10:16:29 -0700

How Signal Walks the Line Between Anarchism and Pragmatism

#signal #security #privacy #ee2e #MoxieMarlinspike
Mon, 24 Jul 23 08:43:58 -0700

Kevin Mitnick, hacker and fugitive turned security consultant, dies at 59

#kevinmitnick #ghostinthewires #security
Thu, 20 Jul 23 08:51:18 -0700

The Most Important Machine That Was Never Built

Fri, 14 Jul 23 19:57:32 -0700

Who killed Google Reader?

#rss #googlereader #killedbygoogle
Fri, 30 Jun 23 09:03:22 -0700

Why the Owner of the Shop That Inspired ‘The Bear’ Hasn’t Seen the Show: ‘Somebody’s Still Got to Ma

#tv #thebear
Sat, 24 Jun 23 09:35:00 -0700

Namecheap Blog

Transfer your Google Domains to Namecheap today
#namecheap #googledomains #killedbygoogle
Mon, 19 Jun 23 17:36:52 -0700

The US government is buying your data to spy on you

Fri, 16 Jun 23 10:45:12 -0700

‘Sex and the City’ Shocker: Kim Cattrall to Return as Samantha Jones With ‘And Just Like That…’ Came

#sexandthecity #kimcattrall
Wed, 31 May 23 23:15:21 -0700

‘ER’ Writers Reunion on WGA Picket Line Puts Sharp Focus on What TV Has Lost Amid the Streaming Boom

#wga #wgastrike
Wed, 31 May 23 10:53:55 -0700

Goodbye, ‘Succession’: A Pre-Finale Ode to the Great Show of Our Time

#succession #tv
Fri, 26 May 23 13:55:08 -0700

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic on Outlasting the Stars He Parodies, Why He’s Not Making New Music and the Truth

Fri, 26 May 23 09:33:19 -0700

Bitwarden to launch passkey management | Bitwarden Blog

#security #passkeys #bitwarden
Wed, 24 May 23 21:17:39 -0700

From Netflix to HBO, the terrible design of streaming is ruining TV

#streaming #ott #ux #design
Tue, 09 May 23 18:45:18 -0700

Google Authenticator's Cloud Sync Security Not Up to the Task | RestorePrivacy

#security #privacy
Tue, 09 May 23 15:34:31 -0700

YouTube Music sends erroneous ‘preview ends soon’ notification

Mon, 24 Apr 23 19:27:45 -0700

TikTok may get banned, but our phones will still be fully loaded with Chinese apps

Tue, 18 Apr 23 16:36:24 -0700

Twitter singles NPR out with misleading state-backed media label

"NPR doesn’t meet Twitter’s own definition for a state-affiliated account" #deletetwitter
Wed, 05 Apr 23 17:07:24 -0700

The Home Assistant SkyConnect is a combination Zigbee and Thread dongle for better smart home contro

#iot #homeassistant
Sun, 02 Apr 23 22:18:09 -0700

Party over: Arizona chefs, restaurants shut out of James Beard Awards

"Last year, Chris Bianco of Phoenix’s Tratto, Pane Bianco and Pizzeria Bianco was honored for outstanding restaurateur, while Don Guerra of Tucson’s Barrio Bread was named outstanding baker. Bianco also won in 2003." #food #jamesbeardawards #az
Fri, 31 Mar 23 10:35:43 -0700