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We typically leave the Dumpster Rental on properties for 7 days or more, depending on the needs of the customer. We not only address the needs of homeowners and restaurants, but we also have Construction Dumpster Rental Lansing MI solutions that are perfect for Construction contractors and companies that are interested in keeping their sites clean and safe from debris that can increase the risk of accidents. Our Construction waste containers are perfect for all Construction wastes and are available in sizes that depend on the expected waste size of the client. We have the 20 yards and 40-yard dumpster that is capable of carrying as much as 10,000 pounds of waste.We also offer the best Dumpster Rental prices Lansing MI on dumpster bags. Our dumpster bags are perfect for small waste problems like home and office waste, cleanout waste management, and more.At OnDumpster, we understand that many Construction contractors and companies are faced with the hard task of managing Construction wastes on their sites.We understand that Construction wastes not only take up space but they pose a potential danger to workers and can cause accidents that can cost you several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our aim is to prevent this from happening and this is why we offer one of the best Dumpster Rental Lansing MI services to you as a Construction contractor.Rest easy knowing that at OnDumpster, we have a team that is experienced in the area of dumpster and waste management, this means that you won’t have to worry about the improper disposal of the waste that has been collected from your Construction site.



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When you call on us as your trusted and most preferred Lansing Dumpster Rental service provider, we live up to the expectation by making sure that you get fast delivery services as well as great prices on the Roll Off Dumpster Rental Lansing MI that we offer.Seeing as we offer our Construction Dumpster Rental Lansing MI in different sizes, and based on the different types of materials going into it, we make sure to first discuss the details with you in order to better serve your needs.As part of the preliminary decision-making process, we seek to clarify these three major factors;We offer our Construction Dumpster Rental in different sizes and we make sure that you are able to get the most of any of the sizes you choose. If you are unable to decide on the best size, our team will help you to reach a decision.We seek to establish the type of material that will be going into the dumpster to better understand the disposal requirement.In addition to the best Dumpster Rental prices Lansing MI, we seek to know the location to deliver the dumpster and for how long you wish to have it.When it comes to waste management in Lansing, MI, our team at OnDumpster stands tall as the leading provider of premium quality Dumpster Rental Lansing MI services. We take pride in being a local company that is providing waste disposal solutions to the members of our community. Aiming to offer more, we are constantly working on new ways to make our Lansing Dumpster Rental services more attractive to the members of our community. We do this by offering them great prices as well as great services.




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Clients who choose to pay for any of our Roll Off Dumpster Rental Lansing MI will be signing up for premium quality services as our team is experienced and has everything needed to make your Dumpster Rental experience the best so far.We have a friendly and courteous customer service desk staff that are always willing to help you make the best choice. When you place a call through, whether you are looking for something small to address your office waste disposal needs, home waste disposal needs, or you are looking for a Construction Dumpster Rental Lansing MI, we make sure that your options are clear to you and that you are presented with as much information as you need to know.For all of the Dumpster Rental that we provide, we guarantee the best Dumpster Rental prices Lansing MI. our pricing structure has been reviewed to offer you the best value for your money.Some of the packages that we offer the members of our community include;Our 10 yard dumpster is available at $200 - $575 depending on the size and your needs. This dumpster is perfect for home projects, cleanouts, junk removal, and spring cleaning to get rid of clutter.We offer 20 yard dumpsters that are perfect for larger projects as well as Construction needs. You can choose this dumpster for basement renovations, window replacements, and siding replacement.Available for demolition, roofing, moving, and new home build Construction needs.


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