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1"""Jinja is a template engine written in pure Python. It provides a 

2non-XML syntax that supports inline expressions and an optional 

3sandboxed environment. 



6from .bccache import BytecodeCache as BytecodeCache 

7from .bccache import FileSystemBytecodeCache as FileSystemBytecodeCache 

8from .bccache import MemcachedBytecodeCache as MemcachedBytecodeCache 

9from .environment import Environment as Environment 

10from .environment import Template as Template 

11from .exceptions import TemplateAssertionError as TemplateAssertionError 

12from .exceptions import TemplateError as TemplateError 

13from .exceptions import TemplateNotFound as TemplateNotFound 

14from .exceptions import TemplateRuntimeError as TemplateRuntimeError 

15from .exceptions import TemplatesNotFound as TemplatesNotFound 

16from .exceptions import TemplateSyntaxError as TemplateSyntaxError 

17from .exceptions import UndefinedError as UndefinedError 

18from .loaders import BaseLoader as BaseLoader 

19from .loaders import ChoiceLoader as ChoiceLoader 

20from .loaders import DictLoader as DictLoader 

21from .loaders import FileSystemLoader as FileSystemLoader 

22from .loaders import FunctionLoader as FunctionLoader 

23from .loaders import ModuleLoader as ModuleLoader 

24from .loaders import PackageLoader as PackageLoader 

25from .loaders import PrefixLoader as PrefixLoader 

26from .runtime import ChainableUndefined as ChainableUndefined 

27from .runtime import DebugUndefined as DebugUndefined 

28from .runtime import make_logging_undefined as make_logging_undefined 

29from .runtime import StrictUndefined as StrictUndefined 

30from .runtime import Undefined as Undefined 

31from .utils import clear_caches as clear_caches 

32from .utils import is_undefined as is_undefined 

33from .utils import pass_context as pass_context 

34from .utils import pass_environment as pass_environment 

35from .utils import pass_eval_context as pass_eval_context 

36from .utils import select_autoescape as select_autoescape 


38__version__ = "3.2.0.dev0"