Fuzz introspector: fuzz_lib2to3_parse
For issues and ideas: https://github.com/ossf/fuzz-introspector/issues

Fuzz blockers

The following nodes represent call sites where fuzz blockers occur.

Amount of callsites blocked Calltree index Parent function Callsite Largest blocked function
3 0 EP call site: {node_id} atheris.FuzzedDataProvider

Fuzzer calltree

0 ...fuzz_lib2to3_parse.TestOneInput [function] [call site] 00000
1 atheris.FuzzedDataProvider [function] [call site] 00001
1 fdp.ConsumeUnicodeNoSurrogates [function] [call site] 00002
1 black.lib2to3_parse [function] [call site] 00003