Fuzz introspector
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Fuzzer details

Fuzzer: fribidi-fuzzer

Call tree

The calltree shows the control flow of the fuzzer. This is overlaid with coverage information to display how much of the potential code a fuzzer can reach is in fact covered at runtime. In the following there is a link to a detailed calltree visualisation as well as a bitmap showing a high-level view of the calltree. For further information about these topics please see the glossary for full calltree and calltree overview

Call tree overview bitmap:

The distribution of callsites in terms of coloring is
Color Runtime hitcount Callsite count Percentage
red 0 52 30.9%
gold [1:9] 0 0.0%
yellow [10:29] 0 0.0%
greenyellow [30:49] 0 0.0%
lawngreen 50+ 116 69.0%
All colors 168 100

Fuzz blockers

The followings are the branches where fuzzer fails to bypass.

Unique non-covered Complexity Unique Reachable Complexities Unique Reachable Functions All non-covered Complexity All Reachable Complexity Function Name Function Callsite Blocked Branch
0 0 None 587 1058 fribidi_get_par_embedding_levels_ex call site: 00054 /work/build/../../src/fribidi/lib/fribidi-bidi.c:748
0 0 None 0 21 free_run_list call site: 00022 /work/build/../../src/fribidi/lib/fribidi-run.c:82
0 0 None 0 0 pairing_nodes_front_back_split call site: 00111 /work/build/../../src/fribidi/lib/fribidi-bidi.c:445

Runtime coverage analysis

Covered functions
Functions that are reachable but not covered
Reachable functions
Percentage of reachable functions covered
NB: The sum of covered functions and functions that are reachable but not covered need not be equal to Reachable functions . This is because the reachability analysis is an approximation and thus at runtime some functions may be covered that are not included in the reachability analysis. This is a limitation of our static analysis capabilities.
Function name source code lines source lines hit percentage hit

Files reached

filename functions hit
/work/build/../../src/fribidi/bin/fribidi-fuzzer.c 1
fribidi-bidi-types.c 2
fribidi-brackets.c 2
fribidi-bidi.c 15
fribidi.c 1
fribidi-run.c 6