Fuzz introspector: fuzzerIndexIO
For issues and ideas: https://github.com/ossf/fuzz-introspector/issues

Fuzz blockers

The followings are the branches where fuzzer fails to bypass.

Unique non-covered Complexity Unique Reachable Complexities Unique Reachable Functions All non-covered Complexity All Reachable Complexity Function Name Function Callsite Blocked Branch
0 0 None 0 0 h3ToString call site: 00001 /src/h3/src/h3lib/lib/h3Index.c:78

Fuzzer calltree

0 LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput [function] [call site] 00000
1 h3ToString [function] [call site] 00001
2 sprintf [call site] 00002
1 stringToH3 [function] [call site] 00003
2 __isoc99_sscanf [call site] 00004