Fuzz introspector
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Fuzzer details

Fuzzer: fuzz_rfc3986

Call tree

The calltree shows the control flow of the fuzzer. This is overlaid with coverage information to display how much of the potential code a fuzzer can reach is in fact covered at runtime. In the following there is a link to a detailed calltree visualisation as well as a bitmap showing a high-level view of the calltree. For further information about these topics please see the glossary for full calltree and calltree overview

Call tree overview bitmap:

The distribution of callsites in terms of coloring is
Color Runtime hitcount Callsite count Percentage
red 0 82 47.1%
gold [1:9] 0 0.0%
yellow [10:29] 0 0.0%
greenyellow [30:49] 0 0.0%
lawngreen 50+ 92 52.8%
All colors 174 100

Fuzz blockers

The following nodes represent call sites where fuzz blockers occur.

Amount of callsites blocked Calltree index Parent function Callsite Largest blocked function
26 127 ...fuzz_rfc3986.fuzz_validators call site: 00127 rfc3986.validators.ensure_components_are_valid
13 16 rfc3986.compat.to_bytes call site: 00016 rfc3986.parseresult.authority_from
13 37 rfc3986._mixin.URIMixin.authority_info call site: 00037 rfc3986.parseresult.split_authority
11 51 ...fuzz_rfc3986.fuzz_parseresult call site: 00051 rfc3986.parseresult.authority_from
7 7 rfc3986.compat.to_str call site: 00007 rfc3986.normalizers.encode_component
2 3 ...fuzz_rfc3986.fuzz_parseresult call site: 00003 rfc3986.uri.URIReference.from_string
1 30 rfc3986._mixin.URIMixin.authority_info call site: 00030 misc.SUBAUTHORITY_MATCHER.match
1 32 rfc3986._mixin.URIMixin.authority_info call site: 00032 misc.ISUBAUTHORITY_MATCHER.match
1 70 rfc3986.normalizers.normalize_host call site: 00070 host.replace
1 85 ...fuzz_rfc3986.fuzz_uri call site: 00085 fdp.ConsumeUnicodeNoSurrogates
1 97 rfc3986.iri.IRIReference.from_string call site: 00097 fdp.ConsumeUnicodeNoSurrogates
1 105 ...fuzz_rfc3986.fuzz_api call site: 00105 rfc3986.iri.IRIReference.from_string

Runtime coverage analysis

Covered functions
Functions that are reachable but not covered
Reachable functions
Percentage of reachable functions covered
NB: The sum of covered functions and functions that are reachable but not covered need not be equal to Reachable functions . This is because the reachability analysis is an approximation and thus at runtime some functions may be covered that are not included in the reachability analysis. This is a limitation of our static analysis capabilities.
Function name source code lines source lines hit percentage hit

Files reached

filename functions hit
/ 1
...fuzz_rfc3986 32
rfc3986.parseresult 14
rfc3986.uri 4
rfc3986.compat 2
rfc3986.normalizers 19
rfc3986._mixin 7
rfc3986.iri 5
rfc3986.validators 24
rfc3986.api 4