ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia), 2017

Interactive Wood Combustion for
Botanical Tree Models

Sören Pirk1       Michał Jarząbek2       Torsten Hädrich3       Dominik L. Michels3       Wojciech Palubicki2

1Stanford University
2 Adam Mickiewicz University


We present a novel method for the combustion of botanical tree models. Tree models are represented as connected particles for the branching structure and a polygonal surface mesh for the combustion. Each particle stores biological and physical attributes that drive the kinetic behavior of a plant and the exothermic reaction of the combustion. Coupled with realistic physics for rods, the particles enable dynamic branch motions. We model material properties, such as moisture and charring behavior, and associate them with individual particles. The combustion is efficiently processed in the surface domain of the tree model on a polygonal mesh. A user can dynamically interact with the model by initiating fires and by inducing stress on branches. The flames realistically propagate through the tree model by consuming the available resources. Our method runs at interactive rates and supports multiple tree instances in parallel. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach through numerous examples and evaluate its plausibility against the combustion of real wood samples.





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