ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2017

Understanding and Exploiting Object
Interaction Landscapes

Sören Pirk1       Vojtech Krs2       Kaimo Hu2       Suren Deepak Rajasekaran2
Hao Kang2       Bedrich Benes3       Yusuke Yoshiyasu3       Leonidas J. Guibas1

1Stanford University, USA
2Purdue University, USA


Interactions play a key role in understanding objects and scenes, for both virtual and real world agents. We introduce a new general representation for proximal interactions among physical objects that is agnostic to the type of objects or interaction involved. The representation is based on tracking particles on one of the participating objects and then observing them with sensors appropriately placed in the interaction volume or on the interaction surfaces. We show how to factorize these interaction descriptors and project them into a particular participating object so as to obtain a new functional descriptor for that object, its interaction landscape, capturing its observed use in a spatio-temporal framework. Interaction landscapes are independent of the particular interaction and capture subtle dynamic effects in how objects move and behave when in functional use. Our method relates objects based on their function, establishes correspondences between shapes based on functional key points and regions, and retrieves peer and partner objects with respect to an interaction.





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