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††† The Players Golf Club welcomes new members. We have a rich history and have maintained a
††† reputation as a quality golf club.

††† Follow the link to find out more about Club events, courses played, and how to contact the Club for
††† more information.






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A Parting Golfing Hint

As a final act to close this website, just though Iíd share with you a little wisdom to help with your golfing technique going into an exciting new season . . .  




The New Players Website

As from the 2018 season, this website is no longer maintained.

Our new website can be found here ===Ť Website Wonder






Itís in


and itís most likely

11 February



2017 Fixtures


In 2011, the club launched a history book chronicling its progress from the Inaugural Meeting in 1969 to the year 2010. Follow the link for an entertaining and informative read . . .

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