Pre-show and going live

What do I need to go live?

All you need is an iOS device (we're currently developing an android app). We also highly recommend using a ring light to make your shows look great.

How do I go live?

  1. Please refer to our “New Seller Pack” for a step by step guide.
  2. How-to videos can be found on Instagram @popshoplivehow.

How long should I go live for?

We recommend a minimum show time of one hour to give your audience time to log in and enjoy your show. It's common that our sellers go live for up to 7 hours.

How do I set up my store before going live?

  1. Be sure to complete your store's profile: upload a photo, name your store, add your business address, and enter up to 5 hashtags that are relevant to your store.
  2. Tap the settings cog and check that you have filled out your store's bio and business information, including your shipping method, payout preferences, and sales tax info.
  3. Set up your inventory with the products you want to sell. You can do this in two ways: (1) Create product listings in the app using the upload tool, or (2) Connect your Shopify account and import your product listings to Popshop Live. (You can also add product listings during your live stream on the fly.)
  4. There is another step that happens just before your live show called the “Greenroom” which is described in question 10 below.

Is there a limit to how many products I can list?

No, you can list as many products as you'd like.

Do you provide any coaching for sellers?

We provide onboarding materials for sellers to help with setting up their store and preparing for and marketing their first live show. We also provide some audience engagement metrics that help sellers strive for success and growth in future shows.

What should I do if I'm a first-time host?

First, create a show preview video—think of it like a trailer for your show. We recommend sellers share a preview video one week ahead of the show for maximum app promotion. We also encourage sharing your preview video with your wider community and social channels to drive even more viewers to your show. Then, on the scheduled show date, go live. Your followers and those who added your show to their watchlist can watch your live show. The rest of the Popshop Live community won't be able to see your shows until after our admin monitors a few of your shows and updates your show visibility to “Public”.

When and how often should I go live?

The best time to go live depends on your product, customers, time zone, and how long you plan to stream for. However, noon, late afternoon, and evenings are recommended. Most sellers go live at least once a week to stay connected with their audience. Keeping a consistent schedule and going live regularly will help build your audience.

What is the “Greenroom”?

The “Greenroom” is the step before you go live—a space where you can make sure everything looks right and choose which products will be available in your live show's product catalog (these will be chosen from your store's existing product inventory, or you can create new product listings to choose from before the audience can see you). From here, tap to go live and 3, 2, 1 countdown…you're live and engaging with your audience!

Why can't I see my products when I start the show?

Before you start a show, make sure you have created product listings and everything is uploaded correctly. If you don't see your products when you are live, it's likely that you forgot to add them to your show catalog while in the “Greenroom”. If you are live and forgot to add a product listing, or want to add another, you can do so on the fly!

Is there a limit to how many people can watch a show?

The Popshop Live app can support 10k to 100k concurrent viewers per stream. If you are worried about capacity, our admin can cap your total number of viewers. To request this, please contact

How do I promote my show?

We share advice and tips on how and where to promote your show—please refer to our “Marketing Best Practices” document and “Schedule A Show” demo video. We also promote shows via our social channels and within the app. To maximise your audience size, we recommend bringing your existing social followers and other communities across to watch your show. Having a pre-existing audience helps reinforce your store's credibility and gets everyone excited for your shows.

Can I customize my invite code?

Yes. It needs to be 6 characters in length. Please email to make this request before uploading your preview video.

Can more than one person log into a seller account?

Currently, multiple users can log into one seller account on the app. We are also working on multiple user (and permission) back end “admin” access for stores. We hope to be able to roll this out platform-wide shortly.

Will audience size affect my stream's quality?

The number of viewers watching a show does not affect the video quality, however, wifi strength (both the seller's and the customer's) can affect the experience. Before your show, we recommend checking your wifi speed using this site. (We recommend an internet upload speed of 50mbps, but anything greater than 5mbps should be fine.) If your audience has strong wifi but is experiencing quality issues, please suggest that they restart the app—this should fix any issues.

Do customers receive an order confirmation?

Yes, your customers will receive an email from Popshop Live with their order confirmation after your show has ended. They will also see “Orders” listed in their profile where they can check the shipping status if you have chosen to use the domestic USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping provided by Popshop Live.

After the show

How do I see my show's stats?

Sellers can see their sales and engagement stats immediately after the show. Just keep the app open and you will see them appear on your device's screen. We recommend that you screenshot this to keep for your records. You can also view information in your profile under the “Dashboard” such as the number of likes, orders, viewers, and your total earnings for the show.

How soon after the show should I ship my orders?

We require sellers to ship orders 1–3 days after the show has finished. Payout will be available once the order has been shipped, and the “Available Balance” in your profile will be updated.

What should I include in the order package?

For a smooth shipping process, you may choose to use the domestic USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping provided by Popshop Live, and we will prepare the packing slips and shipping labels for you. These will be available to download from your profile in the app after your show has ended. All that is required is that you print these out, include a packing slip in each package, and then attach a shipping label to the outside of the package.

Can my customers track their shipments?

Once a Popshop Live shipping label is scanned by USPS, its tracking number will appear in the customer's profile. This will trigger an automated email (with their package's tracking number) that is sent to the customer letting them know that their order has shipped. This action will also confirm to us that the order has been shipped. Once your order has shipped, you are able to request a payout.

How do I contact a customer?

At this time, Popshop Live handles all customer communications. Should you need to get a message to a customer, please email us at This includes if you wish to send a thank-you message or video to those who joined your live show, as a nice, personal touch.

Purchasing and order management

How do customers buy my products?

During a live show, customers can browse your products and make purchases using Apple Pay, a credit card, or a debit card—they'll continue to hear your show's audio as they step through a simple, two-tap checkout process. We recommend that sellers advise their viewers to set up their payment details in their profile at the beginning of a show. This avoids disappointment if a product sells out quickly.

How do I know if a product was purchased?

When a product is purchased you will see an animation pop up onscreen once the payment is completed. You will also see a purchase notification in the comments thread and a change in quantity will be reflected in your inventory. A “Sold Out” label will show up if the quantity of a product reaches 0 (you can restock a product at any point during the show by increasing its quantity).

How can I view all my orders after a show?

You can find an order summary in your profile under “Store”—scroll down to the “Sold” section and there you'll find a list of all your orders. If you tap on “Print Labels” to the right, you can also select any open orders and print their shipping labels and packing slips.

How do I fulfill an order?

  1. Head to your seller profile page and scroll down to the “Sold” section (under the “Store” tab).
  2. Leave customers a personalized thank-you video by tapping on the “Submit Thank-You” button. This is a great way to show your customers that you appreciate their support, as well as acting as a reminder for them to leave you a product review upon receiving their order.
  3. Tap on the “Print Labels” button and select all orders ready to be shipped. Tap on the “Download Shipping Labels” button and this will generate both your packing slips and shipping labels. You have the option to email, airdrop, text, or print these directly from your device.
  4. Include the packing slip in your package, seal it, and then attach the shipping label to the exterior of the package.
  5. Once USPS has scanned the package, its tracking number will appear on the customer's Popshop Live profile page. They will also receive an “Order Shipped” email notification from us allowing them to track their order. The order status will update on your seller profile to “Shipped”.
  6. When the customer receives their package, the order status on your seller profile will update from “Shipped” to “Complete”.

What happens when a customer cancels an order?

In the rare case that a customer needs to cancel an order, we ask them to notify us within 6 hours of a show finishing. It is not possible for customers to do this through the app, rather, we facilitate any order queries or cancellations directly with the seller.

What happens when a seller needs to cancel an order?

Should a seller need to cancel an order, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing so that we can notify the customer and handle any refund(s). It's ideal to manage any order issues close to the show's ending.

Does Popshop Live handle customer refunds?

Yes, at the moment we handle any potential customer refunds by coordinating with the seller and customer.


How does shipping work?

If you choose the domestic USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping provided by Popshop Live, we will prepare your packing slips and shipping labels. You can download and print these from within your profile, directly from your device. To ship your orders, include a packing slip and attach a shipping label to each package, and then drop them off at a post office. The postage on each shipping label ensures a delivery time of 1–3 business days and allows customers to track their shipment. Customers will receive an email from us to let them know that their order has shipped with their tracking number included. They can also find this tracking number in their Popshop Live profile. Should you wish to use your own shipping method, please go to your profile and tap the settings cog to set up your own shipping rate. We will collect the shipping fees on your behalf.

Who pays for the shipping?

Shipping is paid by customers when they purchase items from your show. We currently charge a flat-rate shipping cost of $5.99. Since there is no shopping cart in a Popshop Live show, the customer pays the shipping amount only once on their first product purchase. All subsequent purchases they make during your show, and up to 12 hours after your show ends, are covered by this one shipping price.

Do you ship to other countries?

Popshop Live is currently only available to customers and sellers within the United States. We plan to offer international shipping in the near future.

How does shipping work for giveaways?

If you do a giveaway, use the “Send Gift” feature during a live show and this will allow you to designate a viewer to receive a gift—all they have to do is pay for the shipping. The process from there is the same as with regular order shipping.

Fees and payments

When and how do I get paid?

Payout will be available as you have shipped your order—if you have multiple orders, we recommend to simplify the process and complete these all at once. Simply log into the Popshop Live app and request the withdrawal. We offer three payout methods: (1) Venmo, (2) Paypal, and (3) ACH Wire Transfer. Venmo and Paypal will take 1–3 business days to transfer, and ACH will take 5–15 business days.

How does Popshop Live make money?

We align our interests with our sellers and hosts: when you make money, we make money. There are no upfront costs to use Popshop Live—it's free to join as a seller or as a shopper! For any sales made, we charge a small service fee and payment processing fee, with a tiered service fee as your business grows. For more details, please email

Does Popshop Live collect sales tax for me?

During the initial setup of your seller profile, you must input the sales tax for your region (to do so, please tap the settings cog). We collect sales tax from your customer at checkout on your behalf. All payouts include tax, and you can request a tax form at the end of 2020.


Is Popshop Live only available on iOS?

Yes, our app is currently only available for iOS. However, a web app and an android version will be available later in 2020.

When will Popshop Live be open to everyone?

The Popshop Live app is currently invite-only with plans to launch to the wider public in the summer of 2020. We are all very excited!

Are there age restrictions on Popshop Live?

You must be 12+ to download the app. We are working on age-appropriate access for certain shows—for now, we recommend keeping your content and products suitable for all ages.

What analytics can you provide to sellers?

All sellers have access to sales and engagement stats immediately after each show, which will pop up on screen. The “Dashboard” in your profile will also display the number of likes, orders, viewers, and total earnings for the show. We offer an in-depth report for premium store sellers – to request more info please email

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a purchase?

Customers can make seamless purchases during the Popshop Live show without leaving the show screen. OR You can purchase a product during a live show—simply tap its image and select “Purchase”. This will take you to a simple two-tap checkout process where you can pay using Apple Pay, a credit card, or a debit card (and you will still hear the show's audio so you won't miss a thing). After the payment is processed, an animation will pop up and confirm your purchase. We recommend setting up your payment details before joining a show to make check out quick and easy. You can do this in your profile—just tap the settings cog in the top right corner.

When can I make a purchase?

For now, you can only purchase products during a live show. However, we will soon launch a storefront feature that will allow customers to pre-order and shop from their favorite stores anytime.

How long will my order take to ship?

Popshop Live offers $5.99 domestic USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping. The delivery time is usually 1–3 business days after the seller has shipped your order.

What is your returns policy?

Currently, we coordinate returns if the seller offers a returns policy. In most cases, our sellers accept returns for a reasonable issue. If you have any concern, feel free to ask your seller during their live show. For further information, please email us at

Can I pay with AfterPay/Affirm?

We don't currently offer any payment installation programs, however this is something we are looking into.

How do I get reminders for live shows?

When you open the Popshop Live app, you will see sellers' preview videos along the bottom of the screen. Tap on the show you are interested in, then “Add to Watchlist” and you will receive a push notification and an email when the show goes live. We also send a reminder 5 minutes before the show goes live and a notification whenever a store you follow schedules a new show.

Can I share a show with friends?

Yes. You can share a direct link (via email, IG, FB, and SMS) to a show before it goes live by tapping the share icon on the seller's preview video. You can also share a show during a live stream by tapping “Share” on the screen.

How do I update my personal details?

Go to your profile on the Popshop Live app and then tap the settings cog in the top right corner. There you can edit your personal details, such as shipping address, payment details, and so on. You can also edit your email address by tapping “Edit” to the right of your profile name at the top of your profile page.

How do I contact a seller?

During a live show, you can leave a comment for the seller (which the rest of the audience will be able to see). Currently, all communication with the seller is through Popshop Live shows. However, we are working on facilitating direct communication between customers and sellers after the show.

Who do I contact with an order query?

Please email with any order questions or concerns including cancellations or returns.