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Your refrigerator, whether at home or your business, is one that requires attention at all times. Making sure that your refrigerator is in the best condition at all times guarantees the freshness of the food and other items that have been stored in it.At Power 4 All, we are the best Electrician in the Albany area who are on standby to address all of your Refrigeration needs.Our team of Refrigeration experts understand the ins and outs of all types of refrigerators and are ready to come to you as soon as possible to get the job done. Once you call on us, we make sure that the best technician is dispatched to your property to have a look at the refrigerator.Once on the site, we diagnose your refrigerator to better understand the problem and the extent of the problem. We proceed to make sure that you get the best diagnostic help towards identifying the problem and we offer honest and itemized billing to show the repairs or replacement service to be carried out.You can trust our team of repair experts to get to the job fast and ensure that your refrigerator is restored to the proper working condition in the fastest possible time frame. We also focus on making sure that you do not have to spend more on repairs by using only the best replacement parts for each fix that we offer.




Solar Installation



Home and business security is an essential factor to consider for continued peace of mind. At Power 4 All, we are more than just the best Electrician in the Albany area. We are a team of experts who offer a wide range of services that have been tailored towards improving and securing the lives of the members of our community.We understand the importance of security and this is why our team of experts is ready to work with you to ensure that you get the best Alarm System and CCTV installation services in the area.All of the services that we offer have been tailored towards improving the quality of your life and boosting your security. By choosing to work with us, you stand a chance to enjoy the following advantages;With our security and alarm system solutions, you can rest easy knowing that it has become a lot easier for you to protect your home and business, as well as residents of the home or employees. With our alarm system, you can also prevent extensive damages caused by fire and smoke, carbon monoxide, and others.

You can reduce the risk of business break-ins by installing alarms and security cameras. Our team is capable of installing these camera units in areas that are best suited to give you the widest coverage.With security solutions and alarm systems in place, you can reduce the premiums paid to insurance companies monthly by showing that you have also taken proactive steps to reduce the chances of break-ins, burglary, and other attacks.If you have once been attacked and your home or business breached, rest assured that with the installation of CCTV, security cameras, and alarm systems, your home or business stands a better chance of decreasing the chances of re-victimization.In addition to offering CCTV and alarm systems services, we also provide Solar Installation services as well as Refrigeration services for homes and businesses.







If you are looking to replace your existing refrigerator, our team is willing to walk you through the process, understand your specific needs, and proceed to recommend the best product based on your needs.We are familiar with all the common makes and models of refrigerators including Kelvinator, Mitsubishi electric, LG, Panasonic, Daikin, Electrolux, and others.You can call on us for all of your needs including refrigerator repairs, commercial refrigerator maintenance, workshop appliance repairs, refrigerator servicing, emergency refrigerator services, and portable fridge repairs.The air conditioning unit is an important installation whether for commercial or residential properties. At Power 4 All, we understand this and that is why we make sure that you get to enjoy a fast response service whenever you call on us for all of your air conditioning needs.Our team of Electrician offer the best attention and care to your needs. We respond fast and make sure that you are presented with the best services to keep your home or business cool. Our technicians are always on standby and ready to work with you to ensure that all of your needs are attended to.We are familiar with all of the makes and models of air conditioning units in the area and we make sure that you enjoy the combination of our years of experience, expertise, superior quality customer services, and overall commitment to customer satisfaction.

When you are looking for air conditioning help, rest easy knowing that we offer the following services;Our team of air conditioning experts can help with the supply, purchase, and installation of new air conditioning units for your home or business needs. rest assured that we will guide you right in choosing the best air conditioning units for your needs and also carry out the best installation service that promotes performance and satisfaction.Looking to get rid of your old air conditioning unit? We are the best at this. We will come to you, uninstall the unit and handle it as appropriate.We offer air conditioner service to property owners who wish to get the best out of their air conditioner. We make sure that the unit is well maintained thereby saving them more money in repair costs and ensuring top performance as well as a longer-lasting life cycle.Some other services that we offer include installation, repairs, and replacement of split systems, cassette systems, ducted systems, and others. We also do air conditioning repairs and offer consulting services



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