Parrot Care Tips: Creating A Stress-free Environment For Your Bird

Many people have been contemplating buying a parrot and brightening the home with these magnificent and adorable birds. In fact, parrots are one of the most intelligent birds in the animal kingdom and having one or more in the house can mean a lot of fun and memories for a lifetime (some parrots live up to 50).

However, caring for parrots is something that many people do not know and is a bit more complicated than taking a puppy or kitten home. A family that wants to adopt a parrot needs to make sure that the adjustment to their new home is as easy and stress-free as possible. Several aspects must be taken into account: the moment of your arrival at your home, the comfort and safety of your cage and your diet.

The importance of allowing the new household member to adapt to their new home as quickly as possible cannot be stressed enough. Making sure Polly feels comfortable in her new environment as soon as she arrives means relieving trauma and excessive stress. As such, taking it home from the pet store early in the day instead of at night will give you more time to meet everyone at home and make your adjustment faster. Placing your cage in an area where you have a good view of everyone without making them feel exposed can also help you adapt faster. Putting the cage against a corner of a large room with a lot of traffic is the best way to achieve it.

Making sure the cage is the right size is also an important factor in the easy adjustment of your parrot. A large cage can cause a baby parrot to fall and get hurt. Partially covering the cage before placing your new feathered friend ensures that you have an area where you can go if you feel threatened or exposed.

A proper diet is one of the most important factors in pet care, so this also applies to the care of parrots. If your parrot was not receiving a healthy enough diet under the care of its former owner, avoid changing your diet immediately for a healthier one. Give the same food you are used to for a few weeks and then gradually change to your new diet. A drastic change will only make the transition to your new environment more difficult and traumatic.

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