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While a lot of people shy away from asking questions, it's your right to get as many answers as possible from any construction contractor that will be handling your pool project. Don't make any assumptions and don't leave anything to chance. If you want to get a satisfactory service, you should try to take as much creative control of your pool design as possible. You can do this by asking questions and making recommendations, but in a way that doesn't constrain the professional creativity of the Pool Builder.

Ask about what dirt or excavating work is included in your bid, what possible unplanned expenses might come up, and whether your price could be adjusted if the contractor meets challenges once they start digging. Also, ask about how they’ll prepare the site without damaging your property and what financial arrangements are available in the case of property damage. To ensure safety around your pool, inquire whether the planned pool location requires a fence to be installed around the pool, and whether or not that is part of the initial cost estimates. To guard against unnecessary expenses, ask your contractor to itemize the cost for the pool, plus those of additional features including maintenance and repair costs you’ll be responsible for covering.

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When hiring a Phoenix Pool Construction company, don't be in a hurry to close a deal. Talk to at least three different Pool Builders, ask them for their prices and get a good feel of what they offer at their respective prices. Everything you add to your pool impacts the cost. Try to get a quote for all your pool requirements from all contractors you inquire from. Lower prices don't necessarily mean you're in good hands. Look out for contractors with a good reputation, experience, and a moderate cost after careful comparison.Also, before you commence your search for a phoenix pool designer, it's very advisable to do thorough research on prices. Find out what each size and design of pool cost, the cost for optional features and those of the materials to be used. This will arm you with most of the information you'll need to strike a pocket-friendly deal and reduce the risk of a ripoff.

To get quality service and value for all your penny, always use these tips as a rule of thumb when hiring a pool construction company. Also, ensure to do thorough additional research to maximize your chances of hiring the best contractor for the job.

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 As your favorite Phoenix Pool Designer, we make use of the best software to create a design that would express your desire. Because we work around what our clients want, we do not force designs on people, rather you tell us how you want it and we create it so that your pool can have a unique feel. And when we begin the construction process, we can include features like rain curtain or fiber optic lighting to make your pool even more exotic.

Pool Design

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The perimeter spa pool comes either in a square or rectangular form or circular too. In any case, water would flow down all its sides or circumference, looking like glass work. This type of pool is usually constructed in two forms. There is the deck-level perimeter, which is like a pool built into the round, on, or almost, on the same level with the ground. The absence of edges makes it appear like one big mirror. The other type is the raised-level perimeter which is elevated, with water flowing from all around it. One thing is common between the two and that is the fact that they are both mesmerizing. The water would look like it exists on its own and is not contained anywhere. Achieving such a pool requires great skill and expertise. It is more than just creating a hole to fill with water as you have to be exact in your design so that the effect can be achieved. That is what we help you do at Premier Paradise, Inc. As expert Phoenix Pool Builders, we know that the key to any good construction work is a design that expresses exactly what wants to be achieved, that is why we pay proper attention to the designing phase of our work. We make use of cutting edge 3D packages to achieve a picture of what you want, before beginning construction. What sets us apart from the rest is that you get to dictate how you want your pool and we would do our best to bring it to life. We take it further by providing your perimeter overflow pool with mosaic glass tile interior, therapeutic jets, and so on, to increase the aesthetic value of your pool.

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