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Understand the difference

Regular Fantasy

You lose if your selected captain & vice captain fails to perform.

  • You can’t enter a contest after toss.
  • Chances of your team being unique is less as your winning gets distributed.
  • Less chances of winning.
  • Skewed Teams as team is dependent on 1/2 players.

Faboom Fantasy

All 11 players help you win so your chances of winning increases.

  • Enter a contest before or after toss.
  • RANK all your 11 players Or BOOST multipliers of all 11 players.
  • Create unique teams.
  • Balanced Team as all players are important.

Rank Fantasy

Post-Toss Contest: Here you have to rank all your 11 players to give multipliers from 2x going down to 1x. This contest ends when the match starts. So you can enter the contest after the line-ups are announced at toss.

Boost Fantasy

Pre-Toss Contest: Apply different boosters (multipliers) to different players. Select your 11 players using 100 credits. You get extra 50 credits to apply multipliers (1x to 3x) to your favourite players as long as player credits multiplied by booster does not exceed 150.

Your questions, answered

What is Faboom?

Faboom is one of the fastest growing fantasy website that helps users win real cash by using their sports knowledge & strategic skills. Faboom was awarded the Best Product Innovation award 2020 by FIFS for it's unique RANK FANTASY Format.

Is Faboom Legal & secure?

Yes, Faboom is 100% Legal & Safe! Playing Rank & Boost Fantasy on Faboom is a game of “skill”. The law in India clear states that, unlike games of chance, games which substantially require a player to apply his skill are absolutely legal.

What is Post-Toss Rank Fantasy Contest?

Rank Fantasy contests end just before the match starts. You can make your teams after the lineups (playing XI) are announced. Here, you have to rank all your players from 2x to 1x. Players will get points based on multiplier.

What is Pre-Toss Boost Fantasy Contest?

Boost fantasy contests ends before the toss. Here you select 11 players using 100 credits. You get extra 50 credits to apply a multiplier (1x to 3x) to your favourite players as long as the total credits (with multiplier) does not exceed 150 credits. Players will get points based on multiplier.

Is Depositing on Faboom Safe?

It is completely safe as our payment gateway comes with 3D secure authentication to ensure the safety & security of all users. We always make sure transparency in all our process to ensure the trust of all users.

How can we contact you?

For any queries, concerns or feedback, feel free to mail us at or drop us a Whatsapp message on 7303915077

Members are loving Faboom

“I love playing on Faboom because of their amazing formats of rank and boost fantasy - No dependence on C/VC”

Co-founder Rooter - Delhi

”I love cricket but I don’t get enough time to watch given my schedule. But with Faboom’s boost fantasy format, I can play anytime before the toss happens and i love the format”

Amresh Kumar
Times Internet - Delhi

“Thanks Faboom for letting me rank players as per my intuition and help me win more than 2 lakhs”


“अब कैप्टेन वाइस कैप्टेन कि टेंशन हो जायेगी गुम खेलिए रैंक और बूस्ट फैंटेसी ऑनली ऑन फबूम”

Vikas Singh

“My efforts to analyse & create team worth on because in the end of the day, I am not spending my money on a captain & vice captain unlike other fantasy apps”

Jismon Kuriakose

“Faboom is the only website that provides fantasy lovers like me an opportunity to play pre toss fantasy & in their very unique formats where my team is not dependent on 2 players”

Kamlesh Kumar Pandit