Field Calculator

Doorknockers Combined total number of staff PLUS volunteers who will canvass Shifts Remember! Volunteers and staff work multiple shifts.


If Gronkowski canvasses in the AM group and then goes out canvassing again in the PM group, Gronk has worked TWO shifts.
Hours in a Shift If you canvass from 4pm to 7:30pm your shift is 3.5 hours Doors per Hour You will need to do some estimating here. This number is impacted by the desnsity of doors in your turf as well as the speed of your canvassers.

Generally speaking, 20-35 doors per hour is a solid rate understanding that many of those doors will be checked off quickly when the voters are not at home.
Weeks of Canvassing Half weeks (.5) are OK

Estimated Attempts

(assumes 1.66 voters per door Why? Why assume 1.66 voters per door?

More often than not, multiple voters live at a single address. When you knock a single door with multiple voters, you have a greater chance to make a contact. Your work would be undercounted if it was assumed there was only one voter per address. In 2014, 1.66 was the average number of voters per address at addresses where at least one 2014 MVT target universe voter lived.

Estimated Contacts

(assumes 25% contact rate)

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