Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan bowls are considered by many to be almost mystical instruments. They have been used for thousands of years in the rituals of Asia, but now they continue to be used everywhere. Their simplicity and versatility mean that we can use them at concerts, during individual procedures with massage therapists, and even when thinking alone at home.


A word is a sound. The power of sound has been with us since birth. The healing power of sounds affecting the mind and body has always been known. Singing Tibetan bowls are instruments that have been known for several thousand years. They appeared in various cultures in Asia and came from Tibet. Together with Buddhism, they migrated across the continent, participating in rituals.


Magicbowls allow you to enter a deep state of relaxation or meet your inner self. It helps to relax, even for those who do not believe in something supernatural. This instrument does not require a musical ear. The main advantages are the minimum of effort and the simplicity of the sound. With standard instruments, you need to know the notes, tempo, and melody. On the other hand, when using bowls, all you have to do is strike evenly, and the sound will do the rest for you. The basis of all actions is personal preference.

The essence of the process

Today we have the opportunity to communicate with these mystical sounds alone or with friends at home. Just one bowl and a few wooden sticks wrapped in ordinary fabric or fleece, and we can create an individual oasis of power that can be repeated over and over again. Even images of singing bowls provide comfort and serenity. Sitting on a chair, adding elements of aromatherapy, or lying on a soft pillow or carpet, holding a bowl on our body, we can simultaneously hit it and meditate. The primitive sounds of the bowls will have a healing effect on us, and at the same time on several levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual.

We can perform such rituals lasting several minutes or longer in combination with other techniques, for example, mantras, affirmations, visualizations, or just with sound alone. Sound is universal because it has power.

Interaction with Tibetan Singing Bowls is about purification, harmony, health, strength, inspiration, etc., which accompany playing this unusual instrument.

The versatility of the sound of the bowls and the simplicity of their use make it one of the most effective methods of influencing our holistic development. Having at least one bowl at home, we have the opportunity to enjoy the same sound that can be heard thousands of kilometers away, in temples with traditional masters whose knowledge is the wisdom of history.