Political prisoner Mammad reportedly placed in medical facility

Elchin Mammad was reportedly placed in a medical facility

Elçin Məmməd

Mammad's mother says he has difficulty breathing and cannot walk.

Arrested journalist and human rights activist Elchin Mammad was reportedly taken to the Justice Ministry's treatment facility on 12 June.

This was reported by the Press Service of the "Sumgayit Youth Legal Awareness" Public Union, of which Mammad is the head.

It is reported that the human rights activist will undergo an ultrasound examination and tests for Hepatitis C.

He will also be examined for varicose veins and prostatitis.

His mother, Rahila Mammadli, said that on 8 June, Mammad's condition suddenly worsened and his blood pressure dropped. His condition has stabilized and he has recovered.

According to his mother, his son also has problems with bronchitis.

On 17 October 2020, the Sumgayit City Court sentenced Elchin Mammadov to four years in prison on charges of "theft" and "illegal possession of ammunition and weapons."

Elchin Mammad has been in prison since March 2020. Mammad connects the criminal case with human rights activities.

Amnesty International and other international organizations have condemned the arrest of Elchin Mammad.

Local human rights activists recognize him as a political prisoner.

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