Annual Mandatory and Refresher Training

If you have completed a module within the last 12 months you do not need to do it again

Health and Safety

We all have a duty to keep not only ourselves safe at work, but also our colleagues and members of the public. The E-Learning modules below will inform you of your responsibilities and the annual training you must undertake.

Being an Employee

This short video is designed to refresh your understanding of how we do things at West Sussex county council and to feel confident about what's expected of you.

Diversity & Inclusion

As an organisation we are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion; we value the differences that each of our colleagues bring to work every day. We make every effort in our practices to make sure diversity is not only welcomed but included.

Information Security

The following Information Security and Data Protection modules have been designed to provide you with an understanding of the main threats to information security and the practical things you can do to counter them.

Risk Management

The aim of this module is to support you in developing a fundamental awareness of what Risk Management is and what is meant when we speak about Risk Management at West Sussex county council.

It will guide you in ways of undertaking Risk Management activities in your own work, and the benefits to you of doing so, as well as signposting you to resources and people that can help you.


As employees of West Sussex county council we all have a responsibility to Safeguard our most vulnerable residents from harm or abuse. In order for us to do this effectively it is essential that we regularly update and refresh our knowledge of Safeguarding