What you need to know about these popular treatments at a medical health spa in fremont

What you need to know about these popular treatments at a medical health spa in fremont

A medical spa—also called medi-spa or med spa—is a functional hybrid between a traditional spa and a medical clinic, mainly addressed to massages, medical facials, cosmetic skin care, botox, tissue tightening, photorejuvenation, and similar treatments. Medical spa services can target different groups, so there can be a men’s medical spa, a women’s medical spal, an anti aging spa, a dental spa, and of course, a wellness spa. All the services offered in this type of business, if done right, can lead to a noted health improvement, whether mentally or physically that can make you live your life with more quality.

Even so, there are many companies that take advantage of the image of wellness and the promise of aesthetic improvements in your body; a situation that can lead to negligence from part of the doctors or personnel, and to help you identify those businesses, we are going to describe you some of the essential factors to consider before agreeing to certain treatments in any medical health spa and prevent you from falling into the mirage of easy and cost-effective ways to improve your health or looks.

Relaxing environment but still professional

The main goal of med spas is to make you feel relaxed while you get some kind of medical or cosmetic treatment. A medical health spa offers you the best of both worlds, a relaxing moment even when you are under a health procedure that would normally be a stressful experience. However, the fact that you’re in a spa-like setting, doesn’t mean that the professional insight has to be neglected. The truth is that a doctor is not always in the house, and, as contrary to what many spas make you believe, there has to be a doctor present before treating you. Sadly, only a handful of states require a doctor to be present in these facilities. In Florida, doctors must be present, but only in some cases, which means that qualified dermatologists or plastic surgeons are not needed on site to supervise practitioners performing certain treatments. Most medical spas in the country are affiliated with the name of the doctor they display on the premises, but nothing assures you this person is going to be available when you visit, plus, most of them only supervise in name. Make sure you visit a med spa where a doctor makes the decisions, so you can avoid any possible inconvenience and actually get a relaxing and gratifying experience.

Liposuction and aesthetic treatments

When it comes to more serious treatments, such as liposuction, an infection is a possibility, and even though they’re rare, when going to the right medi spa, it could be an issue you won’t need to worry about. Complications with aesthetic treatments are more frequent, and on top of that, the med spa injuries are harder to track, why? Because there’s no central repository for these statistics. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, before you decide  to go to certain de spa, you have to ask questions, such as how many times has the aesthetician performed the procedure, as well as what kind of training they have. When a person is dealing with the body, it is necessary to be aware of what will happen before and after any surgery or treatment. Remember that you can always do research with the help of the local Better Business Bureau and ask for referrals, as well as checking on-site doctor’s credentials.

Laser hair removal

Aestheticians might not be any more qualified than the average person, and that’s the hard truth. Physicians in some states can delegate a procedure to any person that wants to enter the med spa world, no matter if they went to training or not. Laser hair removal is a treatment that takes several applications till it’s done, and the results are highly dependent on the knowledge of the technician in charge. Only a skilled technician can make a reasonable judgment on this cosmetic procedure. The proper laser setting for hair removal varies according to skin pigmentation, and this is the reason may customers have seen no results after their laser hair removal sessions. In addition to those problems, there are loopholes that affect many medical health spas, where any method of hair removal is not considered a professional practice of medicine, and treatment may be unregulated in some states; because let’s be serious, it’s too easy to buy a laser and set up a shop. If you’re looking to get a laser hair removal done, make sure to find a provider you trust.


There have been cases where people with chronic diseases look for all kinds of options to help them get better, such as acupuncture, massage, and nutritional counseling, making it heavily important for professionals to have all the necessary knowledge to treat a person. Acupuncture can help diminish pain in places such as neck, knee, low back, and more. Headache and migraine are also part of the problems acupuncture treats, and risks with this treatment include situations such as bleeding, bruising and even infection. It’s not as simple as inserting a needle, but it has to be done in the right spots and with the right depth. The United States (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in charge of regulating acupuncture needles as medical devices. The manufacture and labelling of these needles have to meet certain standards; they have to be sterilized, nontoxic, and labelled for one use only, by a licensed practitioner. Always make sure the needles they treat you with meet these qualifications.

Botox and dermal fillers

Before proceeding to go under a botox or dermal fillers you have to sign a consent form, and before doing so, it is important you know what are the potential complications and risks. First of all, you need to take into account that most practitioners can attend a one-day training course in covering Botox and dermal fillers, and start injecting patients the next day, which can be dangerous. We recommend you to ask how long has your provider been trained and how many patients they treat a week, as well as how they deal with any possible complications, so you can be more confident when saying yes to a botox or dermal filler procedure. Asking for before and after pictures might come in handy too.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing is a procedure that removes skin layer by layer with precision, giving opportunity to new cells to form and create a tighter and younger skin looking surface. In general, this treatment helps improve the appearance of your skin, but before saying “yes” you need to consider the risks that this procedure may have. Risks in Laser Skin Resurfacing include burns or other injuries from the laser’s heat, scarring, the reactivation of herpes cold sores, and bacterial infection; all these options can be a reality if your skin is not treated right. So as we’ve been saying in this article, you have to make sure to find a med spa that’s reliable and trustworthy.


What microdermabrasion does is helping your skin to the point of removing age spots, and also help you have lighter acne scars. This is a procedure that’s performed quickly in any facial aesthetics office, and is done with the help of a handheld instrument that sprays small crystals onto the skin’s surface; exfoliating the skin layers. If you’re looking for wrinkle removal, then you should have in mind that several sessions would be needed. Risks are not that dangerous, but is still important you’re aware of them. If microdermabrasion is done wrong, you may experience skin tightness, spots of bleeding, minor bruising, redness, fine broken blood vessels and eye-skin bruising.

Tattoo removal

Getting a tattoo removed can last from 6 to 20 sessions, depending on the age of the tattoo, how it was placed, ink color and the body location, which makes it a complex treatment to take. The first sign that you’re in the right place is that the doctor on site will be able to discuss with you the appropriate options for your tattoo removal. There comes a variety of risks with a tattoo removal, such as darkening of the skin, scarring and permanent change of color. It is essential that you seek your treatment with a board certified dermatologist or physician with professional training in lasers.

Overall, if you already  took the decision of getting a treatment in a medical health spa, always ask two things: If you can see the doctor, and if your practitioner is legally permitted to treat you. In addition, make sure to do your own research on the med spa of your choice and make a bit of diggin on its successful stories.

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