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Here at Riddle Village LifeCare Retirement Community, we offer three levels of care to residents who have chosen us and our outstanding services. we realize that a lot has gone into the decision to become a resident here. We, therefore, strive to keep you satisfied to the best of our ability. We have a team that has been specially selected and trained to offer the highest level of care and personalized attention to you while you are here at our facility.Coming into our facility, you will have access to three main living options to choose from based on your specific needs.We have the Independent Living Community which is an ideal setting for persons who are 62 years and above. Our independent living community offers residents access to an active and comfortable lifestyle that takes the hassles of regular day-to-day life away from them. Residents can rest assured that they will enjoy the best of our luxurious, resort-style environment that offers a lot of amenities and fun activities to engage in. You can explore our restaurant-style dining amongst others. We also offer housekeeping and maintenance services.We also offer personal care services in our Retirement Community.

Residents who choose the personal care option are those that require assistance with daily living activities. We have created a thriving and engaging environment that will keep them busy and interested in life and activities. Residents in personal care can choose a studio or one-bedroom apartment, depending on their needs and preferences.We also have three restaurants and a cocktail bar that offers residents all of the benefits of living in an outside community. explore the food and drink menu options while in any of these spots. You can also explore the gym for wellness and fitness. We have personal trainers waiting to work with you to prevent fitness injuries. You will also have access to other amenities like a steam room and more.Our staff remains courteous and professional at all times. They realize that each resident is different and offer personalized care services aimed at helping them to live their best lives.







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Choosing an Independent Living Community may not have been the choice you wished to make. However, as you age, your health and wellness needs change. You begin to need more attention and care from loved ones. However, younger adults may be busy making a life for themselves and may be unable to meet your attention and healthcare needs as you would have lovedChoosing a Retirement Community that offers peace of mind, attention, and care can solve a lot of problems. Here at Riddle Village LifeCare Retirement Community, our goal is to give you a home away from home experience.We go the extra mile for the residents living in our Senior Living Community. We understand the importance of health and wellness. We also focus on creating a fun and thriving environment for residents of our community.Each resident will have access to a room of choice based on the kind of living arrangement that they have selected. We have a lounge area where residents can mingle with other residents or take visitors. Residents can also explore all other areas including the games room, the library with hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books to help their imagination run wild, and more.Here at Riddle Village LifeCare Retirement Community, we go the extra mile to make sure that the members of our Retirement Community have access to the kind of quality services and attention that they deserve.

We realize that our reputation is important, so is your care. We go the extra mile to make sure that residents of our Senior Living Community who choose our personal care services will have access to everything needed to help them live life to its fullest. Our personal care service is a perfect choice for people who need care and attention daily. It is also a great choice for those who need daily living assistance. We offer the daily assistance needed while also creating an environment where residents can have fun, mingle with others, and live their best life. Our comfortable luxury lifestyle setting says it all about our commitment to your health and wellness.We offer three restaurants for you to choose from to dine in style. far more than this, we have a team of trained staff that are at your beck and call. We prioritize your wellness and care.






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 We have a team that is well-trained, specially selected, and attentive to your needs. You can trust that we will strive hard to maintain the gold standard of care at all times.When you choose to be a part of our Retirement Community, rest assured that we offer a wide range of care packages for you to choose from based on your specific needs, some of the programs we offer include;Independent Living - Our independent living facility is ideal for people who are 62 years and over. We understand that at this stage, you need proper care and monitoring. We are more than happy to provide the kind of services and attention that you need to enjoy an active and comfortable lifestyle.Personal Care – As a Senior Living Community, we understand that some members require more close watch and urgent attention. We offer personal care services that are perfect for residents that need assistance with daily living. Our caregivers offer a caring and engaging environment where you can thrive and live your best life.Skilled Nursing – We know that your health is important here at Riddle Village LifeCare Retirement Community. We have skilled nursing services for residents who require supervision around the clock. Our specially trained staff will monitor your loved ones to ensure that they get the care that they deserve.


Our retirement community has four restaurant options for residents to choose from. They can also enjoy our full-service cocktail lounge for hangout with friends and relaxation. Those who wish to look their best can take advantage of our beauty salon and fitness center. Our beauty salon is manned by experienced stylists who can get things done, whether you want a cut, styles, or more. Our fitness center has everything that you need to keep you healthy and in shape. Our fitness center offers a variety of membership plans and offers access to full-time fitness trainers, indoor heated pools, and daily exercise classes to keep residents light and fit.Our goal is to offer you everything that’ll make your life a lot more fun while promoting health and wellness. We promote all kinds of positive and fun activities. We have a beautiful courtyard where residents can play games and have as much fun as possible. Play a beautiful game of bocce ball with friends, participate or watch others play shuffleboard on our shuffleboard court, and more. We make the senior living experience a better one for you and your loved one.


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