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When it comes to Private Investigation, our name stands tall. At Rush Intel Services, we are a team of the best private investigators in the area helping individuals, groups, private, and public entities to uncover the information needed.As a leading provider of private investigation services, we are proud to have expanded on the services that we offer to the members of our community.Some of the services that we offer include;- Process server Are you in need of a team of experts to deliver court orders and other legal documents to a defendant? Rest assured that we are up to the task. We have been in the business of locating people for years and we have all of the high-tech tools and expertise needed to locate the defendant and serve them with the court papers. We make sure that the process is fast and easy.- Private investigationsAs a private investigator, we have been able to expand the investigative services that we offer to better improve the chances of our clients to get the desired information and facts. 



We understand that you deserve the best outcomes and we are happy to note that our clients love the care and personal attention that we give to the service that we offer. Coming into our studio, we will make sure to discuss all of the important aspects of the shoot with you to ensure that you get the best outcome.Added to this, many of our clients are surprised by the results that we deliver because we pay attention to the fine detail, making sure that no stone is left unturned.We are the masters of professional photography and you can come in to speak to us on all your needs, whether you are looking to update your LinkedIn photo, looking to make a change to your existing Zoom photo, or looking to set up a media collection of professional headshots that can come in handy anytime you need it.All of the services that we offer are affordable and we make sure that you are exposed to the best photography experts, equipment, as well as the best photo editing service.



Private Investigator


When you are in need of a process server to handle the delivery of your process to the other party, rest assured that at Rush Intel Services, we not only offer Private Investigator services but we also offer intelligent process server services to the members of our communityWe are a team of private investigators who are working hard to make sure that all of your legal and investigative needs are met appropriately. When you choose to work with us, there is no fear that your wishes may not be granted. We work with a team that has been specially selected and handpicked for their experience and expertise.We guarantee that for each service that you hire us, you will be presented with the very best outcome.By choosing us as your process servers, we understand that you may have a few questions regarding the nature of the services that we offer and how we go about handling your needs. We have therefore provided answers to some of the common questions that we face.- What happens if the court papers cannot be served?At Rush Intel Services, we take our years of experience in private investigation and fuse it into whatever other services that we provide. We have over the years found that when defendants were located and the information was passed along to our client, their process server or any other line of communication may leak such information leading to the disappearance of the defendant yet again. With our own process service, you can rest assured that we will locate the defendant and make sure that they get the court papers in record time.You can rest assured that we devise and employ all of our resources put together to find the defendant’s address so that they can be served with the court papers. Our process and service have been rated top and this is why both public and private entities choose us.




  Private Investigators


Here at Rush Intel Services, we are a team that is deeply rooted in Private Investigators We understand that in most cases, to be able to uncover certain problems or information, you need to have a professional in your corner and we are more than happy to be that professional.When you come into our office or contact us, we guarantee that you will be presented with a wide range of services to choose from. We offer boutique private investigation services to private and public entities who are interested in uncovering the truth as well as in the gathering of evidence.Our private investigator are well-trained and are experienced. They understand the importance of verifying information and facts and as such will go to any length to make sure that the truth is established.



Members of our community as well as our clients know that we make sure of the latest technologies in the market to supply them with detailed information which can include video evidence, photo evidence, and more.Our private investigators have the wherewithal to locate, follow, and conduct surveillance on even the most secretive and cleverest targets. We are constantly refining our approach to serve our clients better and we are up to the task when it comes to gathering the needed evidence in tough cases like employment injuries, adultery, income verification catching deadbeat fathers and mothers, investigations into fraud and fraudulent practices, hit and run accident, an investigation into slip and fall accident cases, elderly abuse and others.You can also come into our office or contact us for private investigative services into unique and complex cases that require professional insight and contribution. Our offices remain open to you and all the members of our community who are interested in finding out the truth and gathering solid evidence.



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