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Plastic Surgery, otherwise known as cosmetic surgery, is a wide variety of surgical procedures that either completely reshapes or reconfigures the appearance of your body. Plastic surgery can repair facial defects such as an overbite or underbite, improve the cheekbones, jaw line, or upper lip, increase cleavage, improve skin elasticity, and provide dramatic new surgery outcomes. Sometimes plastic surgery can improve your self-esteem by correcting a disfigurement, or simply to make you more attractive. Cosmetic surgery can be performed by a licensed plastic surgeon who has received extensive training in performing aesthetic medicine and is board certified. While plastic surgery is an invasive procedure, there are some risks that are associated with the surgery, but these risks are usually not life threatening or irreversible. Any significant increase in your risk of developing an adverse reaction to anesthesia may disqualify you from undergoing any kind of plastic surgery, so you should carefully review your risks prior to having the procedure. 



In addition, complications from anesthesia itself such as respiratory depression, dizziness, confusion, or lightheadedness can all be potentially serious issues. However, if you are careful and make appropriate preparations, the risks of these side effects will be minimal. Although aesthetic or reconstructive surgery can successfully change the physical appearance of patients, it can also change a patient's self-image because it dramatically alters the body image of a person. A patient who undergoes any kind of plastic or reconstructive surgery, no matter how small, will always have a degree of self-consciousness, sometimes for years. To keep the self-image that many people have, and to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient, it is important that the plastic surgeon is an experienced, skilled, and well-educated doctor who carefully and thoroughly evaluates every patient before treatment begins.


Plastic Surgeon


While it may be true that the more highly experienced a Plastic Surgeon is, the greater his or her chances of success, it is not the determining factor. Plastic Surgery is a very dynamic and ever changing field. While the experience can increase a surgeon's knowledge and skills, it is not the secret to making a great plastic surgery career. The most important ingredient in a surgeon's success is that he is truly an experienced professional who has the personal interest, skill and dedication to provide the best possible surgical care to his patients. For plastic surgeons who want to be Board Certified Surgical Specialists, there are several requirements that must be met before they can join the Board of Certification. To achieve certification, plastic surgeons must pass both written and oral examinations. There are no national board certifying bodies for cosmetic or surgical procedures. Each state has its own requirements and for those states that do not require licensing, certification can be attained by taking a recognized surgical technician course or by completing a surgical specialty residency. After certification, plastic surgeons can sit for the exam to become a Certified Surgeon. However, that process can take years.



Tummy Tuck


Tummy Tuck is a cosmetic surgery method that is popular among women who have excess skin and fat deposits around their stomachs. According to the infomercial, within only 10 minutes you can experience the same results that you would normally get after a tummy tuck when you undergo a traditional tummy tuck by a skilled surgeon. Then for the next eight hours, you could just go about with your normal routine until you remove the tummy tuck belt around your mid-section. The infomercial claims that the entire process will be over in just one day and you will not see any visible results. Is this true? The short answer is: It all depends on the patient. If you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck procedure then most of the cosmetic surgery clinics in the United States would not advise against the procedure. There are certain conditions, however that should be taken into consideration before making such an important life-changing decision. 



Patients with a bad case of obesity, diabetes, or Hypertension are not a good candidate for the surgery because these conditions can cause excessive bleeding, significant blood loss and a risk of infection. In general, tummy tuck is safe when performed by qualified plastic surgeons with years of experience. Patients should however expect some swelling and bruising around the abdomen and at the site of the surgery. Patients should also be aware that the procedure can cause sudden changes in body weight and body posture. Patients should also be aware that the recovery period will last at least a few weeks and up to a few months. The plastic surgeon would recommend physical therapy and an exercise regimen for patients who are not good candidates for the surgery.


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