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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. A classic!By BrodyAAnyone that knows anything about magic will recognize the name Al Baker...and for good reason. He created some really strong magic, and in these books shares some ot them. BE FOREWARNED. The methods used are really old. There are probably newer and in many cases better ways of doing the tricks, but it's so nice to see the original.Plus, he's a charming writer. And for those of you that are much aware of magic, there's whaOriginally published in 1933, this collection contains both of the works on magic put together by the author. It features detailed explanations of his many tricks, accompanied by clear diagrams, and offers much in way of practical advice and information to today's magician, whether amateur or professional. We are republishing this classic works with a new introduction to magic. Contents Include - Book One: The Pack that Cuts Itself - The One Man ''Lights Up'' Séance - A Card and a Number - Al ...

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You easily download any file type for your gadget.Al Baker's Books of Magic Tricks - Book One Two (Demon)   |  Al Baker. Just read it with an open mind because none of us really know.

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