Online Learning - Complete in first two weeks - All Mandatory Length
Mosaic Module 1: Navigating Mosaic 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 2: Searching for Records 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 3: Case Notes 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 4: Documents 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 5: Creating a Person's Record 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 6: Amending a Person's Record 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 7: Create Personal Relationships 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 8: Workview 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 9: Work Steps 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 10: A Step with a Request 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 11: Receiving and Actioning Requets 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 12: Workflow Map 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 13: Copy from Function 30 Minutes
Mosaic Module 14: Team Workview and Assigning Work 30 Minutes
Protecting Information 45 Minutes

Learning and Development - Complete within first 6 months Type Length
WSCC Staff Induction Online Module 3 Hours
Chairing - Available Soon Event TBC
Child Sexual Exploitation Online Module 60 Minutes
Facilitation Skills Event 2 Days
Female Genital Exploitation Online Module 60 Minutes
Information Security Essentials - (Part of WSCC Staff Induction) Online Module 60 Minutes
Presentation Skills Event 2 Days
Public Sector Equality Duty Online Module 30 Minutes
Responding to Complaints Online Module 25 Minutes
Safeguarding Children Online Module 60 Minutes
The Care Act and Children’s Services Online Module 60 Minutes

Learning and Development - Complete within 6-18 monthsLength
Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness - Available Soon TBC
Children and Young People Who Sexually Harm 1 Day   
Equality and Inclusion 1 Day
Introduction to Mosaic (attended once online learning modules have been completed) 1/2 Day
Introduction to SharePoint 1/2 Day
Learning Audit Workshop - Available Soon TBC
Neglect 1 Day
Planning and Supporting Permanence 2 Days
Preventing Radicalisation and Violent Extremism 2 Hours
Public Law Proceedings – A Basic Outline 1 Day
Serious Case Review - Briefing 2 Hours
Sexual Abuse A – The Function of The Non-Offending 1 Day
Signs of Safety 2 Days
Toxic Trio 1 Day
Working with and Supporting Parents and Carers of Children Affected by CSE 1 Day

Online Learning - Complete within 6-36 monthsLength
Communicating by Email 25 Minutes
Introduction to Autism 25 Minutes
Lone Working for Employees 35 Minutes
P Card Holder Training 30 Minutes
P Card RBS System Training 30 Minutes
Working with Children with Disabilities 45 Minutes