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What are the common causes of drywall damage?

There's a million and a half reasons why drywall, or gypsum board, can be damaged. It's an incredible material for interior construction, but its downside is how brittle and utterly succeptible to damage it is. Kids playing too roughly around the house, moving furniture too carelessly, and even falling into the wall can result in a grotesque hole in your drywall. However, the most common causes tend to be human error. Throwing football inside, for example, is a common cause of the next hole in the wall. Some holes can be reasonably and cheaply repaired by DIY efforts, but others require professional attention.

What affects the price of drywall repair?

Several factors affect the price of drywall repair. These include size of the damage, type of damage, location of the damage, and most importantly whether you plan on hiring a professional drywall repair contractor or to attempt repairing yourself. Fixing the average sized hole in drywall can be a duanting challenge for someone who is inexperienced in DIY projects, but many may be able to accomplish decent results and save some money in doing so themselves. Nonetheless, drywall repair jobs that require scaffolding, such as ceilings and rooms taller than 8 feet, might be best outsourced to a professional drywall contractor. The key is to evaluate the extent of the damage, its accessibility, and whether or not you think you have the skill to repair it. In many cases, it might make sense to hire a professional as their quality is unmatched and you can count on their timlieness. Additionally, you can go about your busy day knowing they have your drywall needs covered.

How does drywall repair benefit businesses?

Drywall repair is a messy process. There's sanding involved, layering of drywall compound and plaster, and sometimes use of commercial equipment. For businesses that must keep their business presentable, hiring a drywall contractor to repair the wall will be a great option because they will get it done quickly and efficiently. For example, a drywall contractor will have all the necessary prepping tools and materials on standby, such as plastic covering for furniture to prevent drywall dust from getting on it. Such prepping materials, and the tools needed for the job, must either be bought for the repair or borrowed from a friend. Frankly, not a lot of people like to be a mooch off of their friend! Perhaps a business employee does have someone that has the right tools for the job. Does the employee get a bonus for the repair job? And will they fix the wall appropriately? Perhaps they can repair a hole, but what if the drywall repair is water damage? A professional drywall contractor will have the experience to know that the leak must first be discovered and patched before the drywall can be repaired or replaced. Plus, the business owner doesn't have to worry about compensating the employee for fixing the drywall. And, they can count on the job getting done right. 


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