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Sometimes, traumatic conditions may push people into eating more. Over time, this action can become a disorder where the affected person sees food as the only way to cope with the triggers associated with the trauma.Eating disorders are unhealthy because it exposes the victim to a variety of health conditions that have a high risk of compromising the quality of the victim’s life. Top on the list of those health conditions is obesity. In addition to obesity, such a person may also be predisposed to diabetes, kidney failure, high cholesterol levels, heart failure, and more.To prevent all of these, our therapist here at Self emBody Therapy - EMDR, Eating Disorders, Anxiety offers eating disorder therapy.Our eating disorder therapy comes as part of the other therapy services and sessions that we offer including Anxiety Therapy, Trauma Therapy, and EMDR Therapy

“Disordered eating and excessive focus on weight/body are often used as a coping skill and a way to distract an individual from disturbing feelings or events that are taking place in their life. You may not even be aware of these feelings, especially if you have been dieting and hyper-focusing on food and your body for many years. Therapy can help you uncover these emotions and get to the root cause of why you feel compelled to focus on food and control the way that your body looks. We can work together to help you develop clarity, process these feelings, and develop healthier coping skills.”




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Through our eating disorder therapy, you can rest assured that you will enjoy improvements in the areas of relationship with other people, relationship with work thus reducing your chances of being bored and wanting to eat more, increased physical energy to get things done, a better outlook on life, and improved health.Here at Self emBody Therapy - EMDR, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, we are focused on helping patients to work through the most difficult memories they have experienced. We know that people process trauma differently and that is why we take different approaches to address the traumas of patients that come into our office.We offer a wide range of therapy services to deal with these traumatic memories, some of the therapeutic solutions that we offer include;Our PTSD and trauma therapy is designed to address the needs of patients who feel stuck and unable to move on from certain traumatic experiences that they have gone through. Irrespective of how painful the experience may have been, rest assured that we have a team of specialists who are ready to work closely with you to address the problem.




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We offer Anxiety Therapy, depression therapy, and other solutions to teenagers who are struggling with depression as they reach puberty. We understand that certain changes may be too much and that some changes may happen too fast. We are here to talk and walk you through those changes while preparing you for more challenges.It is understandable that some people are not comfortable in their body and this may create a feeling of self-loathing that may cause them to take actions that may harm their bodies. We are here to help such patients through this phase of their life while empowering them to take more challenges and embrace their body for what it is. Whether you are struggling with your appearance, weight, or size, rest assured that we are here for you.We also offer other therapy options like EMDR Therapy, depression therapy, mindfulness therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, stress therapy, self-esteem therapy, and others.

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Trauma and PTSD therapy is for anyone that has experienced a past traumatic event that they would like to process and move forward from. Perhaps the trauma interferes with your daily life by leading to disturbed concentration and haunting thoughts about the past. But maybe that’s not the case, and you just feel sad and distressed any time that you think about the trauma. Either way, seeing a trauma and PTSD therapist could be incredibly useful to help you move forward in your life and leave the trauma behind. Some individuals experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is a condition in which a person has difficulty recovering after being involved in or witnessing a traumatic event.”Our trauma and PTSD therapy are effective in the treatment of flashbacks, nightmares, feelings of emotional detachment, feelings of distress, loss of interest in life and daily activities, physical reminders of trauma causing pounding heart, nausea, sweating, and more.If you suffer intrusive thoughts and memories or find yourself constantly uninterested in life and daily activities, come to us.




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