How to choose a positioning company -  quick tips!

Each SEO and SEM agency presents its offer in the best light. On the Internet you can find an endless list of assurances that if you choose a given company, you will get lasting results and customers will be sent directly to you from the search engine. Of course, you can trust someone, but it will be more rational to do some research!
An SEO and SEM agency can come in handy if you don't have the knowledge about AdWords positioning and advertising or you just prefer to deal with other aspects of your business. Before you decide on a specific service provider, however, you should look at several issues. This will help you make a more informed decision. So how do you choose a positioning company?

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Employee structure

One of the important aspects when choosing a marketing agency is to make sure that your company has enough specialists to deal with your Adwords positioning or ads in a really reliable way. This is not about the total number of employees, because both a small and large agency can be a good choice. Much more important is what individual people do. If the company consists mainly of traders and a small number of SEO and SEM specialists, it may turn out that taking care of the visibility of your website will be treated with care. It is best to ask about the employee structure and what resources the company has at its disposal. Many people are thinking about getting involved in a freelancer, imagining that because there is only one such person, they will automatically have more time to look after campaigns and positioning. In practice, many times it may turn out to be exactly the opposite - someone who is alone - in the case of illness, vacation or other random events - most often they do not pass on topics to someone else, because they simply do not have someone. Campaigns "lie" for a week or two and nothing happens to them. In addition, the freelancer has no scope to scale your business. The more customers in the portfolio they have, the less time they can devote to each of them. That is why a freelancer is usually only interested in large "topics".

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Customers opinion

When you decide on a service provider that will affect the visibility of your site, you need to be sure about the way it treats its customers. It is worth following not only the opinions on the agency's own website (which are sometimes prepared or outdated), but also those found in social media, Google maps or on specialized forums. If the company has video recommendations from clients - check their timeliness, ask if the agency is still cooperating with this particular client and at the same time listen carefully to see if it is a kind of cooperation that also suits you and how you do business. Recommendations are also an area that many freelancers limp - not because their work may be worthless, but because many of them do not have a page in social media (although llkkedin and collecting recommendations there seems like a great idea). website or feedback is not something to focus on first or second. This makes sense, but makes it difficult for a potential customer to meet that person. A relatively popular way of looking for recommendations is to ask for opinions in industry groups on Facebook. The problem, however, is that many people play games on themselves or use word of mouth marketing. For example, three comments about the same person will seem like a good result to you - however, approach this from a distance.

Choosing an action strategy

Before you decide on a particular service provider, make sure that you know what it is doing. If the agency is not interested in your business goals, then you should increase your vigilance. Currently, AdWords positioning and advertising are much more individual than before. So you can successfully use them to achieve various goals, so as a customer you should know the strategy adopted by the agency. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the promotion of your business is in good hands. It is important that the agency's action plan is tailored to the needs of your business and that you can monitor the implementation of what you agreed before signing the contract. So try to talk about the particulars that interest you and ask about what is not entirely clear to you.

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