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Your search ads were featured in 99.6% of searches. Your ads ranked:

1st in 89.6% cases
2nd 8.2%
3rd 2.2%

Your ad appearing the most often (review all): - Work Works Better with Asana
Track, manage, and connect your projects across any team with Asana. Get started for free. From lists to boards, to calendars and gantt charts, organize...

Organically, your result was featured in all searches, it ranked:

1st in 73.2% cases
2nd 0.4%
3rd 1.8%
4th 6.1%
5th 12.9%
6th 5.7%

Your most frequently appearing organic search result (review all):
Want to drive efficiency across your organization? Asana is flexible and easy for all teams to use, so you can deliver quality work together, faster.

Competitor Ads

We found 5 competitors advertising for this keyword.

Appeared in 27.9% of searches, they ranked:
1st in 30.8% cases
2nd 62.8%
3rd 6.4%

Competitor most popular ad: is So Much Better - Why Wins Every...
Future-proof your Business with a Platform that Can Scale with you as your Team Evolves.

Appeared in 8.2% of searches, they ranked:
1st in 17.4% cases
2nd 21.7%
3rd 56.5%
4th 4.3%

Competitor most popular ad:
Try Jira™ For Free - Easy Doesn't Mean Weak
Create User Stories & Issues, Plan Sprints, & Distribute Tasks Across Your Software Team. Explore Various "Per User" Pricing Options, So You'll Never Pay For More Than You Need. View Resources. Browse Products. Read Blogs.

Appeared in 6.8% of searches, they ranked:
1st in 5.3% cases
2nd 73.7%
3rd 21.1%

Competitor most popular ad:
Project management software - All-in-one project manager
See all projects going on across your team. As many layers of info as you want. No more...

Appeared in 0.4% of searches, they ranked:
2nd in 100.0% cases

Competitor most popular ad:
Run multiple client projects - Get Client Portal & Timesheets
Get client portal, templates, documents, chat, time tracking, and native CSAT. Try Now. Deliver multiple client-facing projects with consistency...

Appeared in 0.4% of searches, they ranked:
2nd in 100.0% cases

Competitor most popular ad:
Top 5 Project Management Tools - 2023s Best Choices Compared
Never Lose Track Of A Project - Compare Leading Project Management Software Products Today. Top Project Management Software Of 2023 Compared...

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