Air Duct Cleaning & Health Issues

Indoor pollution is a serious issue. If your heating and cooling systems at home are not properly installed and maintained, those will surely become contaminated with pollen, dust, and other debris. The presence of moisture may bring about microbiological growth, which might pose more health risks to your family. That is why there is a need to find and hire a company that will effectively carry out air duct cleaning .

If you need your air ducts at home cleaned and maintained, you have to make sure the tasks will be carried out by a service provider that is best qualified to perform the job. It is important to hire the one that will bring about the most satisfying, effective, and comprehensive air duct cleaning service. Not all air duct cleaning businesses out there agree to thoroughly clean every component of the air duct system.

Beware because not all air duct cleaning services providers are following proper and correct duct cleaning procedures. Furthermore, not all understand the real importance of duct cleaning, which may help prevent indoor air problems. Some companies are just out there to collect fees without realizing how important and crucial their jobs are to clean air duct systems at the homes of their customers.

To date there are 37 duly registered and active duct cleaning service providers that are operating . There are still many others that are startups and that are not aggressively advertising and marketing their services. You may be confused as you try to determine which of those to contact and to hire to clean your own air duct or air heating/cooling system at home. Thus, here is a simple guide that can be of help to you.

The Cost Of Air Duct Cleaning

In your search for an air duct cleaning service provider to hire, you will surely realize that the price ranges asked as service fees of the companies vary significantly. Logically, price ranges differ depending on specific services offered, system accessibility, level of contamination, and size of the air system to be cleaned. The more popular ones may also cost a little or much higher than the others.

It is also a common occurrence that many air duct cleaners that offer cheaper costs for their services are often selling up extra or additional services once they get to your home. The costs provided to you only cover specific tasks to be done. During the cleaning process, they will surely find many other tasks that need to be rendered that are unfortunately not included to the package you are paying for. Thus, it is normal that in the process, you may end up paying more to such services.

In other cases, those that ask for higher service fees are not offering and providing more tasks as part of the package. Their fees may be higher only because they need to charge more to cover for the higher overhead costs because they employ more staff and do more aggressive marketing efforts.

Portable Or Truck Mounted Vacuum

Another factor to consider is whether the air duct cleaning service provider is using a portable or a truck mounted vacuum. The latter may cost more, logically. But if you think it is better than the former, you may have to think again. It is not always true that a cleaner using truck mounted vacuum is much better because of its size. Those that use portable vacuums may also be as effective and reliable.

Of course, truck mounted vacuums will enjoy greater suction power than the portable. However, in about a hundred feet of hose that connects their tools to their truck, the service loses up to 75% of the suction power. What will be left is a suction power that is just equivalent to the suction power or an ordinary portable vacuum. Thus, both can be effective.

Why Trust Small and Independent Duct Cleaners

The more popular air duct cleaning businesses will surely work wonders. But in most cases, the services offered and provided by smaller and independently owned duct cleaning companies are more advisable. That is because small businesses providing air duct cleaning strive harder to provide superior services to be able to be at par and competitive with the bigger players. Such businesses also often get most of their clients by referrals from their actual customers.

You can be sure the fees to be collected will not be as high as you can expect from the bigger or major players in the industry. Smaller air duct cleaners usually have lower overhead costs, which are often passed on to customers through hefty service fees. Thus, the next time you need air duct cleaning , try to be more discerning when evaluating and assessing all available options. To learn more about how to keep your family's health safe visit