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When you have lost your home, business or a loved one in fire accidents, rest assured that the team of Civil Rights Lawyer at Singleton Law Firm is the right one to approach for all of your legal needs.At Singleton Law Firm, we take pride in offering you the best and most comprehensive legal representation geared towards ensuring that the right compensation for your losses is recovered.We have a team of experienced and professional Personal Injury Lawyer that stays updated with the latest information, both technical and scientific, all geared towards helping you to package an airtight case for your compensation.Our main goal is to develop a strong case by putting all of our resources, including experience in fire litigation and the best experts in the subject area on the case.As part of our position in representing clients in fire-related cases, we entertain a lot of cases that come into our law office including campfire cases, California wildfires, Woosley fire, Kincade fire, redwood complex fire and more.


Personal Injury Lawyer

At Singleton Law Firm, we have just the right Personal Injury Lawyer for you. We understand that personal injury cases oftentimes result in varying degrees of injuries, some which may be permanent and we make sure that whatever the extent of your injuries, you will get the right legal help.As a leading attorney in the personal injury field, we have all the resources needed to pursue each case that we handle both in and out of the court. When clients come to us, we offer them one-on-one legal consultation because we understand that their case may be similar to others but its facts are unique.We make sure that each of the clients that comes to us understands the severity of their case, their stand and what to expect as the desired outcome. For each case we take on, we make sure that the full backing of our law firm, attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals is guaranteed.Our attorneys work day and night to collect all of the pieces of evidence that pertains to the case in order to help you establish an airtight case. We have a team of negotiators who understand the workings of insurance companies and will make sure that you get the best negotiating skills that will help to improve your chances of getting the deserved compensation.We are also trial-ready, that is, you can trust us to go to court on your behalf and come out with the best possible results for you. We represent clients in all cases bordering on premises liability and traffic accidents.Come to us today for the best legal representation in personal injury cases.


Mass Tort Lawyer

When you are faced with a legal battle and you need a Mass Tort Lawyer to represent your interest in and out of court, rest assured that at Singleton Law Firm, we have just the right attorney for you.Our law firm boasts of a team of attorneys who have years of experience and are ready to represent you in all cases to make sure that you get the best results. We offer a comprehensive legal service that begins with an initial consultation to better understand the case at hand and we take things from there, making sure that you are kept updated with the step by step progress made concerning your case.We handle a wide range of mass tort cases including;

Product defects – we have a team of attorneys who are familiar with representing clients in product defect cases. Such cases as this involve the mass production of defective or dangerous products that put the health and lives of consumers at risk of fatalities or injuries. Some of the defective product cases we handle include faulty medical devices, automobile defects, or unsafe pharmaceuticals. We investigate these products that mass-injure a lot of people and in some cases, lead to the death of others. We make sure that all of the clients that come into our law firm with similar cases are offered the comprehensive help they require to seek compensation for their damages.


At Singleton Law Firm, we also have a team of attorneys that represent clients in environmental and toxic tort cases, especially those that cause injuries to a group of individuals who have been exposed to the compound or substance. Some of the common compounds we represent clients for include pesticides, diesel fuels, oil spills, asbestos and more.When you come to us, rest assured that we offer all the help you need to get the best outcome from such cases as this.

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