Critical Infrastructure Protection


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At Sinisi Solutions, we offer a wide range of professional services aimed at helping companies and facilities remain safe at all times, especially in the face of hazards caused by fire and explosions.We understand that critical infrastructure protection is of the essence for all industries and this is why we are constantly working on new products that will help businesses, factories, industrial layouts and infrastructures limit their collateral damages in the event of such hazards like this..Some of the professional services we offer include;Fire barrier engineering and consultingWe offer clients a chance to learn more about ways to protect their businesses and infrastructures from fires and explosions. We train professionals, engineers, and others on the use of some of the best modular fire barriers that we offer to protect their critical infrastructure.Our team with several years of experience offers a professional assessment of your transformer substation. 


The evolution of attacks on critical infrastructure has made it necessary to put in place protective measures. The protective measures put in place, however, have to meet the modern-day standards, especially as the world is shifting to a greener solution with a lesser negative impact on the environment. Our main goal is to help you to identify the risk factors that can put you in trouble. We make sure that all the necessary checklists for fire and explosion assessment are run through to reduce the risk of accident, potential damages, and also risk of failure.

Fire Barriers

Our transformer Fire Barriers and protection are in use across hundreds of energy substations across the united states.The transformer fire barriers offered by Sinisi Solutions can be used for transformer separation thus reducing the chances of fire and explosion spread, it can also be deployed in the event of fire and explosions for protection purposes.We also offer modular scalable designs that will help you to better deploy the fire barrier to fit your needs and the extent of the explosion.Additional uses for the transformer barriers include;Minimize liability in the event of fire and explosions,Customize solutions,Protect critical infrastructure,Maximize grid resilience,Migrate threat and violationThe transformer fire barrier that we offer is modular designed and shipped ready to install. It boasts of a height of up to 60’ at 150 mph wind load. Rest assured that this is a low-cost containment solution that does not negatively impact the environment as would a sprinkler system.As part of the environmentally friendly solution aimed at reducing the use of traditional water sprinklers that are ineffective as well as the use of chemicals, many infrastructures are turning to the use of modular Fire Barriers that can be deployed to protect people, files, soft targets, as well as to limit collateral damages in the event of an explosion or a fire outbreak.


        Fire Wall Construction


When it comes to protecting your critical infrastructure, you can trust us at Sinisi Solutions to deliver the right solution for your needs.At Sinisi Solutions, we are more interested in lowering your liability in the event of a fire disaster or explosion.In this time, we have been able to develop some of the best solutions that are guaranteed to keep businesses, facilities, and industrial areas safe and free from collateral damages that may arise due to fires, explosions, and other hazards.Protecting your critical infrastructure, equipment, people and other soft targets is an essential safety consideration, especially in the face of explosions and fire disasters. To help minimize the collateral damages resulting from fire disasters, our team at Sinisi Solutions offers some of the best Fire Wall Construction solutions to businesses and facilities across a wide range o f industries.We have also made sure that all of the wall modules that we offer are rated for GIS substations and buildings where protection from a ballistic event, fire, blasts, explosions, noise, heat, and other security needs are required.

The modular fire barrier solution that we offer can be deployed at any time and has been designed to protect buildings, sensitive equipment, people, other transformers, as well as other critical infrastructure from damages in the event of a fire.We also offer ballistic site assessment in many domestic locations that are vital to national security. Other professional services that we offer include certification and compliance checks, delivery and installation of products for disaster safety, fire barrier and firestop inspection, and more.


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