6 Tips To Prevent Premature Wrinkles

To avoid the appearance of wrinkles we must hydrate ourselves, both inside and outside, to avoid exposing ourselves to the sun and taking care of our food. A facial gym session will also help delay them.

The first wrinkles appear on the face in the forehead, under the eyes, on the lips, on the sides, and so on. They start discreetly but it is hard to accept that we are getting the first wrinkles, especially because we are still young.

In this article we share the fundamental tips to prevent and combat the first wrinkles, to look a young and radiant face for longer.

Massage Your Face

Our faces suffer from daily stress, a consequence of stress, overwork, worries, dislikes, arguments, etc. Just as we have contractures in the back or pains in the joints, the muscles of our face also become stiff . This, in the long run, causes the appearance of the first wrinkles. For example, those who are usually frowning may see premature creasing appear in the brow. That is why it is important to realize these gestures that we habitually do to stop making them.

But if we have not noticed, each night we can perform a self- massage on the face and neck, gently but firmly:

Make Faces

Another way to avoid the wrinkles that appear because of the gestures we repeat each day is precisely to spend a few moments at different times of the day, just when we notice those gestures or other stresses on the face (eyes, jaw, etc.) To make all kinds of grimaces. It is enough to take advantage of a couple of minutes that we go to the service to make as if we were children, and to realize with the face all the grimaces that we occur to us.

For Example:

Far from making us wrinkle, this simple and fun exercise will relax our face immediately. She will even look relaxed and rosy at the moment.

Nour With Oils

Wrinkles appear on malnourished skins, which lack vitamins and minerals. Although these will be achieved with a good diet, from outside we can also provide many nutrients by applying the most natural and effective moisturizers we have: vegetable oils. According to our skin we will choose one or the other. We recommend some of the best known:

We can take advantage and give us the facial massage that we discussed with these oils, so that the skin absorbs them well and in step completely relax our face.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

The sun first or last hour, taken a little, is very beneficial for our skin and our general health. The problem is that we tend to take it aggressively, the hours of more radiation and too long followed. In these cases always protect our face with a cap and adequate sun protection.

The skins that have abused the sun have a tan that is not pretty and also usually look dull, devitalized.


The skin is also dehydrated, and in fact is one of the things we notice more if we drink more or less water. The ideal would be to drink between a liter and a half and two liters of water daily, but always outside of meals, since otherwise it does not count and could also make digestion difficult.

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