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kæde øreringe

An excellent novice project, all you need for this is chain, dive rings, grains as well as some loophole stud earrings! If you are unsure concerning how to make use of jump rings or have actually had problem obtaining them to shut nicely, pop on over to this tutorial first.

Chain Earrings DIY You will need: -- Great chain -- 1 pair of loop stud jewelry -- 1 pair butterfly earring backs -- 2 big hole grains -4 x 4mm jump rings - chain nose pliers and cutters Just how to make: an note on the chain-- it has to be slim sufficient to fit via the hole in your beads, yet be large enough to obtain a jump ring via.

I could not locate any type of loose chain that fit the expense, so I cut up this all set made necklace.


Cut a 10cm length of fine chain as well as attach to a loophole stud earring with a 4mm dive ring at one end Chain Earrings Do It Yourself Chain Earrings Do It Yourself 2.

Thread on a single grain Chain Earrings DIY 3.

After that use another 4mm jump ring to connect the other end of chain to among the loops on the back of a butterfly or scroll earring back Chain Earrings Do It Yourself 4.

Repeat all actions for the other earring! Chain Earrings Do It Yourself It is so easy, why stop at one set? I also made a couple with these minty environment-friendly ceramic beads.

Green and also gold is constantly a great combination! Chain Earrings DIY Many grains have quite tiny holes, so it could be complicated to locate a chain that will certainly fit through-- search for a hole dimension of 1mm and above if purchasing online, or far better still, go to your local bead or craft shop and see for yourself.

Smækker ApS | 29871113