Watch Movies Online - Easier Than Before

It was difficult to stream movies online 5 years ago, or even 2 years ago. Napster and other peer-to-peer networks were being sued at the time for allowing people to share their hard drives online. This allowed people from other states and countries to share music they couldn't access on their own drives. soap2day movies  This practice was not considered beneficial by the record companies, so they ended the service. This same idea of preventing people from sharing their movies online was also stopped.

Problem was, film and music companies weren't getting their fair share of the revenue. They couldn't come to the table to get their share of the pie. This was no different than the times when I could tap my local DJ mix, dub it, and then pass it on to friends back in the 80s. Music swapping was a common practice back then. You could even sub-title movies and give it to another person. There is no money swapping. What is the problem? What is the problem?

It seems that there are some innovative companies that have found a way to make film and record companies happy, and also make them rich. and iTunes are the two biggest online movie download sites. Individuals can download a movie, music, or TV episode from either of these services for a nominal fee. The company that owns the movie or TV show gets a portion of the money. A portion of that money goes to the distributor company.


These services are a blessing for most people who want to watch a movie as soon as it comes out. It is easy to buy the movie online and save it on my computer so I can watch it when I feel like it. It's easy to download the movie to your computer or ipod, and then import it to a device such as an xbox 360 to view it on a television.

Let's suppose you don't wish to purchase the movie. soap2day Perhaps the price is too high. Amazon and iTunes still have your back. The movie can be rented and you have one month to view it once per day. This gives you enough time to see the movie multiple times.
It is now easier than ever to stream movies online thanks to the advancements in technology.