Sock Subscriptions

What is a sock subscription?

Asock subscription is a gift where the recipient receives a new pair of socks every month.  A sock subscription can be given for multiple occasions, such as for a birthday gift or for a Christmas gift.  The designs of the socks are usually chosen randomly or they are made by graphic designers.  Design is really what differentiates sock subscriptions from each other.  Some sock subscriptions are only for black socks.  Other sock subscription work hard to come up with fancy designs that will wow their customers.  One example of a sock subscription that works hard to make up great new designs isSock of the Month Club.

When did sock subscriptions become popular?

Sock subscription became popular around 2010.  When ecommerce matured and buying online became mainstream a lot of business moved onto the internet to serve this increase demand.  Birchbox was one of the first companies to offer a subscription ecommerce service.  They bundled premium makeup products into one package and shipped it to their customers monthly.  Other companies like Bonobos built a brands around one product online.  The founder of Bonobos coined the term "digitally native vertical brands" to talk about the type of business he built.   Sock subscriptions come along around the same time as these companies and used many of the same strategies to serve the increase in online shopping demand.

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