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How to install Plantation Shutters correctly and gain the most benefit from them is probably one of the biggest questions asked by persons who have decided to install shutters on their own. There is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as you follow instructions, gain the benefit of having good shutters and maintain them well, you'll get the maximum return on your investment. First, you need to understand how plantation shutters work: The louvers are mounted on the louver frame which is a piece of wood suspended from a stationary roof. When closed, the louvers will form a horizontal or vertical alignment depending upon the direction of the sun. As the louver is free from outside pressure or wind, the wood moves up and down by flexing at the ends (when the louvers are open) and contracting at the center. This produces a pattern of dimples or pockets (sockets) that allow some light to filter into the rooms even when the louvers are closed.



To mount the plantation shutters, the louvers are secured to the top of the louver frame using screws and nails. If the louvers are too loose, you may want to consider using a piece of wood that matches or overlaps with the interior of the house so as to avoid leaks. You could also use hardware such as wooden dowels to mount the shutters.If you decide to buy a manual, there are many that come with detailed instructions and sometimes even include videos. Follow all the instructions carefully and make sure you read everything before you start and before you put up the louvers or leave them in place for any length of time. If you use a hand held wood polisher, it would be advisable to use a very slow and gentle stroke as the wood can react badly to rough treatment. A paddle or spray attachment would be far better.



Faux Wood Blinds


If you are looking for a way to give your windows a clean, contemporary look, then using Faux Wood Blinds is definitely the way to go. The faux wood blinds look exactly like wood blinds, but they do not have the sturdiness of genuine wood blinds. Faux wood blinds, however, offer some benefits that genuine wood blinds cannot match. For one, faux wood blinds require little maintenance and they do not easily fade or warp. You can have a lot of fun with your faux wood blinds. With so many different styles and colors available, there is sure to be one that will fit into your current decor and match your tastes.The main benefit of faux wood blinds over real wood blinds is that they require very little care. The only difference between the two, however, is the material from which they are manufactured. Real wood blinds are typically made from alder, cherry, or other hardwood, and they tend to require a lot of maintenance. Because real wood can warp or decay, they are generally not recommended for places like a kitchen or bathroom since real wood is more prone to damage.



Blind Installation


Installing new blinds can sound easy, but in truth it's something that you need to get right first. There are many steps to getting a secure and safe Blind Installation, starting with measuring correctly. Measuring: in order to obtain a smooth and completely secure blind installation, you have to measure accurately and then order blinds in the correct size. Blind installation professionals often measure while you are measuring, and provide a precise quote based on your measurements. They also will measure the window coverings, including the hardware. After your measurements have been taken and approved, blind installers will install the coverings according to the manufacturer's instructions.



Measuring your windows isn't just important if you are going to install blinds. If you are buying window blinds online, it is important to measure the window as well, and make sure the blinds are the right fit for your windows. Some retailers will not take returns for incorrect measurements, so you need to find one of those stores before returning the goods. This in itself will help you save money by not having to pay to return products you've bought online.


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