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How To Stage A Vacation Rental - At South Padre Trips, we believe that preparing a home for your guests is as important as renting it. So we have some tips on how you can stage your vacation rental to help turn those walk-ins into bookings! Declutter - Clutter is one of the most common problems you will see in vacation Rentals. Have your guests ever walked into a house and instantly felt uncomfortable? It's usually because there is too much stuff lying around. So, please don't leave pictures of your last trip or, even worse, an entire scrapbook behind. Also, if you have decor that is not being used - take it down! This may require some creativity from time to time, but it's worth it for the additional rental income. Place Furniture Properly  - Ensure all seating areas are clear so that no guest has to maneuver around any obstacles to sit down. Don't place furniture against walls either, as these walkways make guests feel closed in.



 Use Natural Light - Open up blinds if they are dark. If it is too bright, consider lighting a candle or opening the window coverings to cut down on light. Using natural light can make all the difference in your home's appearance and feel. Leave Directions For Appliances - If you place an instruction manual in your rentals, include some basics like turning on the oven, lights/lamps within the unit, etc. This will be especially helpful when switching out renters who may not know how to use your house properly. No one wants to come into a rental and see random numbers punching away on their phone's keypad while trying to get the TV on - it just looks unprofessional!






South Padre Trips offers a full-service vacation rental management company. We rent Condos on South Padre Island while managing these properties for owners. We do everything from bookings to housekeeping, so you don't have to worry about anything when you're away from home. Whether you want luxury or economical accommodations, we can help you find the perfect place that meets your needs and budget. Here are the four-bedroom essentials for vacation rentals . Clean Mattress -You want to ensure that your guests are sleeping on something clean and fresh. There is nothing worse than checking into a vacation rental or hotel room and having an unclean, sweaty mattress. Not only does it ruin the experience, but it's also just plain gross. Clean mattress covers are an inexpensive way to save yourself the embarrassment of having a dirty one.




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Are Vacation Rentals A Good Investment? - At South Padre Trips, we know the value of investing in vacation rentals as a way to make some income. This can help provide extra cash for you and your family, as well as enjoy the freedom of not having to pack your bags every day. Here are reasons  why vacation rental investment may be right for you. A Future Retirement Home - The truth is that most people are not looking to retire in their current home, but instead, they are looking for a beach house in the future. Investing in a vacation rental for this purpose will help your dreams come true by allowing you to have a home away from home. Money Maker - As long as the property is well and taken care of, this type of investment will help generate money. If you manage to rent it out for at least six months consistently each year, your rental will yield enough income to allow you to keep the property providing capital for other investments. 



Property Tax Deductions - Depending on the type of property you rent out, you may deduct some of the home expenses. For example, paying for water and upkeep of the property can help reduce your tax bill at the end of the year. Also, if your rental is not far from a police station or hospital, it will qualify as business use under tax laws. The benefits are substantial so it is recommended that you look into these tax deductions before purchasing a vacation rental. The Spi Rentals information will be your ultimate guide on what you can and cannot deduct on your taxes, depending on your area.


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