Say ¡Hola! to one of my favourite lunches! This Chicken Quesadilla has the same amount of calories as a simple ham sandwich…yet is far more substantial, packed full of protein, veggies, and flavour! And I don’t skimp out on the cheese either! It feels like a cheat meal but at under 300 calories, it’s actually one of my lowest calorie lunches! You will feel really satisfied after this one, and the protein (22g per serving) will keep you feeling full which is always a bonus! 

There are lots of ways to jazz it up too! Jarred or homemade salsa is low in calories and tastes amazing with these! Sweetcorn gives a great crunch without adding too many calories. I also love it with some cold iceberg lettuce, or about a quarter of an avocado, which still brings it under 350 calories!

Make it skinny:

If you want to make this even lighter, you can use corn tortillas…or any lower-calorie tortilla you can find. Similarly, you could opt for a lighter cheese, and use a low-calorie oil such as Fry Light. 

Bulk it up:

If you have a higher calorie goal, this one is simple! Use a full-sized tortilla and increase the serving size. Add more cheese for extra protein and cheesiness! You can make Guacamole or simply add sliced avocado like I did in the photo for some healthy fats. These are also great dipped into soured cream (Greek yogurt being an amazing substitute!). You can add black beans or rice for some extra complex carbs! Or, just double up and have two!


Complete recipe: