*Not affiliated with Franks Hot Sauce…I just love it!*

Ok, so even I will admit that this SOUNDS boring. But trust me on this one! Even when I make it, I’m shocked at how good it is …every time!  Very simple recipe, easy to make in a hurry…packed with 24g of protein to keep you full until lunch and beyond, and will only set you back 337 cals! I like my onions to still have a crunch, so I add them after the spinach…but if you prefer them softer, then the onions should be your first ingredient! I also find it best to use a small frying pan…if you can find one the exact size you want your omelette then that’s perfect, if not, you’ll just need to control where the eggs run using a spatula. Oh, and resist all urges to add any salt! Franks hot sauce is pretty salty!


Make it skinny:

While I wouldn’t recommend taking much out of this recipe, since it’s already low in cals and carbs and your body NEEDS fuel and nutrients,…but…you can always use just egg whites to make this omelette, and a little less cheese.

Bulk it up:

Easy! More eggs! More cheese! Have it in a toasty pita bread like a Greek breakfast gyros! 

Let me know in the comments if you try this!


Tasty recipe here: