So, I got into healthy living around 4 years ago. I worked night shifts, I was a team leader in a Supermarket and I worked a crazy amount of hours. While this kept me slim, I wasn’t ‘in shape’, and by this I mean I had no muscle, I was skinny with random bits of fat from binge eating at the weekend. But more importantly, I wasn’t doing too well mentally. My anxiety was through the roof, to the point of being sent to therapy. 

Anyway…a luxury gym opened in my town…so I joined with a friend, purely for the spa facilities. We would go after work, and use the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi….and all that fun stuff! As with most gyms…we were given an induction, and had a little go on some of the equipment. We were also recommended some of the best classes to try for a full body workout. The one that stood out to me, and I’m sure you’ve heard of it, was Les Mills BodyPump. They ran a class that was perfectly timed for after work, so despite not joining to gym to workout initially, I decided to try it. I don’t really remember how I felt during the class….I know I had no idea what weights to use (looking back….I went far too heavy!!) …but I loved the music and the vibe! I was moving house that weekend, and I remember having to do most of it sat down because I COULD NOT WALK!! My whole body was in absolute tatters! Wow, I thought…if I keep this class up I’ll be in amazing shape! And just like that, the Friday morning tradition was born. I even started, with the help of an experienced friend, trying out the resistance machines, and some free weights. It was only after a couple of weeks that I realised….I hadn’t felt unhappy or anxious the entire time I’d been using the gym. After months, years of feeling depressing and anxious constantly….the rumours (facts) were true! Exercise actually helps your mental health!  

So like anybody who’s newish to training…I started getting really excited and trying to learn as much as possible about health and fitness. This of course led me into the world of healthy eating, but with my busy schedule, it was difficult. I would oversleep and have to grab some fast food, then I’d feel rubbish and try to make it up by starving the next day. I think we’ve all been there! But then, I discovered meal prep. Absolute game changer! I’d plan my meals and do my food shop on Saturday….then spend 2 hours making it on Sunday…and Voila! And, apart from a slight de-rail when I first moved to Fuerteventura (you have to live in Holiday mode for a while!), I have never looked back. I don’t always meal prep now, as I have more time to cook from fresh….but I at the very least meal plan. And guess what….eating healthier…also makes you feel better! I have more energy, I don’t crave as much junk, my brain functions better! 

I started posting my meal prep and plans on my facebook page. I thought I was boring everyone…but it turned out, lots of people wanted my recipes, wanted advice on how to do it, telling me they can never think of ideas etc etc. So that is exactly why I’m here right now. I’ve started this blog with the intention of sharing my plans and my recipes….showing people that you can eat amazing food and snacks and still stick within a calorie goal. I don’t track macros obsessively but I still calculate them and I do try to hit my protein goal every day to try and maintain/increase muscle mass. 

I haven’t decided yet how much of my fitness routine I’m going to share…I suppose that depends! Nutrition, in my opinion, is the most important factor whatever your goal! So for now, I just want to get my favourite recipes out into the world and some easy to follow plans…so if you’re someone looking for inspiration, someone who wants to prep their meals without having to spend too much time coming up with ideas and a plan, someone who wants to lose weight, gain muscle, generally just feel better by eating a balanced diet…then please stick around for what’s coming! 

Thank you for stopping by and I would love it if you introduced yourself in the comments! Whats your story? Your goal? What do you need help with? And you’re more than welcome to sign up to my e-mail list to receive my weekly meal plans!


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