Another light lunch idea for you! I actually didn’t plan to blog this because if I blogged every lunch I had it would basically be a blog about wraps! But I enjoyed it so much I decided to share it, you never know who might be looking for some inspiration! This tandoori chicken recipe has more spices than calories ?? but you can always used a ready made tandoori spice mix if you have it!

For me, all wraps need a sauce, and all Indian food needs coriander! So I made a very quick cooling yogurt based sauce to drizzle over the chicken, then added salad for some crunch! Once again, I’ve used the small sized wraps, as they make the perfect portion size for me, but feel free to use bigger and just increase the measurements of everything else by about a third.

If you’re not a fan of hot food, don’t worry! There isn’t much cayenne in the spice mix, so it is very mild. But feel free to double up if you like a kick! It’s quick, simple, and perfect for meal prep. Just wrap them in foil and they’re good in the fridge for up to 4 days. As you can see from the nutrition info below, these have a great macro balance too! 

Is anyone else as obsessed with wraps as me? Whats your favourite filling?


For the recipe, look here: