The effects of the quarantine have definitely kicked in. My eyes have felt dry and strained for some time now. I put it down to all the extra screen time, and the extra time out in the garden, sunbathing or gardening. Even reading books. My eyes have never been so busy!

So today I specifically wanted carrots! While they might not make you able see in the dark as legend suggests, they are loaded with Vitamin-A and beta-carotene…..essential for good eye health. Sweet potato has the same benefits, and many many more! In fact, pretty much everything orange does! (Check out this post to see all the benefits of sweet potatoes!)

I’m a huge fan of the spices used in Thai cooking, so I knew it had to be a Thai soup! I decided to go with the flavours of the red curry for this one. Thai red curry has quite a kick to it, and is perfectly paired with coconut milk to make it rich and creamy, while offsetting some of the heat. You could actually omit the coconut milk in this soup if you’re on a strict calorie count. I tried both and the coconut milk addition for me was well worth the extra calories! 

Also, if you don’t like too much heat…i’d reduce the curry paste down to 20g. I used 30g for this recipe…it wasn’t too hot, but by the end I wanted milk!  So it’s down to preference really! Better to start lower and build up!

You also don’t have to roast the veg…you can let it boil away in the stock, but I love the different flavour the roasting gives, and it really doesn’t take much longer.  



I’m a believer that all soup requires bread and butter! I had 50g of a fresh baguette, halved and buttered, bringing the total calorie content to 464. Not bad at all…while soup doesn’t always jump out as being the most substantial meal…this one is so filling, especially when you add the bread! The soup by itself is accidentally vegan too, so an added bonus for the planet ??! Let me know if you give it a try! 


For the full recipe, go here: