If you haven’t tried Thai Yellow Curry….I urge you to! It is much milder than the famous Red curry which is characterised by its hot red chillis….and while it still has the essential Thai lemongrass and kefir lime vibes….the yellow curry contains cumin and turmeric, unlike the Green curry which has a distinguished coriander flavour. To me, Yellow Curry is the Korma of Thai cuisine. It is mild, rich, and creamy. This recipe uses a paste, but it is simple enough to make your own if you prefer! But for the sake of speed, I’ll be using paste. The brand I buy is AROY-D, which seems to be the most popular. I’m sure if I can source it in Fuerteventura, you can find it anywhere!

For the Cauliflower Rice, fresh cauliflower is the easiest, but it is possible to use frozen! Once defrosted, pulse it in a blender until it’s the consistency of rice…and then strain as much water from it as you can. I like to make a huge batch, and keep it in the freezer. It cooks in minutes in the microwave, and just requires a quick water strain after.

This recipe makes 2 servings and contains only 450 calories, a whopping 67.9g of protein, and 16.4g of carbs. As well as tonnes of fibre and vitamins from the veggies! And don’t throw out that leftover coconut milk…double up the servings and freeze for later, or check out my Coconut Rice Pudding recipe!


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