You know when you’re craving something really specific, but think “I can’t have that…too many calories”, or “If I have that I won’t be able to have this or that for dinner”? Well, while it’s not the healthiest way to think, I’m guilty of it too! However, life is all about balance, and my whole ethos on food is about no restrictions! The trick is substituting ingredients, and eating sensible portions.

That’s what led me to this amazing creation! I completely made it up as I went along….expecting disaster….but when I tried it, oh wow! It hit the spot AND SOME!

I used almond milk in place of dairy, which not only spared me a huge amount of calories…but also made this recipe suitable for vegans, those who are lactose intolerant, as well as already being gluten free!

Unbelievably, despite being rice-based when I calculated the nutrition per serving it only came in at 114 calories before toppings! So essentially, if you have a bigger appetite you can double this up and you still have a low-calorie dessert/snack/breakfast…whatever!

Normally, I would use short-grain rice for rice pudding, but due to current lockdown restrictions, I’m just using whatever I can find in the house! I actually used basmati rice for this, which is why I was even more pleasantly surprised at the outcome! I’m going to try it next with jasmine rice, I love the sticky texture and I think it will make this even creamier! But my point is, use any rice you have and it will be great!

As for the Almond Milk, I use a brand called SoyMilk from here in Spain, which is only 17 calories per 100ml. It’s an unsweetened one, so you should be able to find something similar wherever you are, or you can make your own easily at home! Click here for the recipe I use when I make my own from Dani at Clean & Delicious!

Full recipe here: