Naively, I believed I’d invented something incredible….something original. A game changer for dessert fans! I wrote out the post, the recipe, took the photos…before googling it to see if anyone had already done it. Not only has it been done, it’s actually so big it has it’s own hashtag…and a catchy name that I could never have come up with myself! It is called… the Wonder Whip! The blogger that started the trend is Ilana from www.ilanamuhlstein.com, so full credit to her! Essentially, its greek yogurt made into what feels like a creamy indulgent dessert! The best part? Low calorie….high protein.

Not only is the texture amazing, but this dessert/snack is so versatile that you can abolish almost any sweet craving with it! Want peanut butter cups? Make a chocolate peanut butter version….craving cookies? Try cookie dough flavour! Key lime pie? Lemon cheesecake? Coconut? Mango? Triple chocolate? The options are endless!

The calorie content will depend mostly on the yogurt you use, as will the consistency. I normally use Lidl’s Milbona Light Greek Yogurt, which comes in at only 58Kcal per 100g, and is quite ‘liquidy’.  Depending on my mood, I either use it how it comes, or to get a really thick creamy consistency, I strain it. Some volume is lost in this process, so I generally use 200g of Yogurt when straining, and 150g when I’m not. So still only a maximum of 116Kcals before I add anything! 

Straining yogurt is simple. You just need a fabric strainer or some cheesecloth and a jug. Pour the yogurt into the cloth, and place it over the jug. Pop it back into the fridge and check after about 30 minutes. By this time I will normally have about 1cm of water in the jug…and that leaves the yogurt nice and thick! (If you’re adding a lot of dry/powdery ingredients, don’t over strain!)

Then just add whatever ingredients you fancy, not forgetting to weigh and log them! Despite the name, whipping isn’t necessary. I tried it a few times and it really made no significant difference. Just a good mix with a fork is all you need! In this post I will show you my 5 of my favourites! And then I encourage you to check out the world of Wonder Whips for yourself and get creative! 


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