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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls with Interlocking Stone / Block / Wood / Natural Stone / Gabion / Lock Block / Paver / Poured concrete - no asphalt, no rubber

Retaining walls serve a variety of hardscaping purposes, from keeping your property safe from sloping and erosion to adding usable space as well as levels to your property. They help to create functional landscaping features. The possibilities are endless with effective and innovative retaining wall design. 
Retaining Walls works with a few different types of retaining walls: 

  • Allan block retaining wall
  • Allan block staircase
  • Valley stone natural block retaining wall 
  • Wood retaining wall
  • Natural stone retaining wall
  • Gabion retaining wall
  • Lock block retaining wall
  • Poured concrete retaining wall

 The great thing about interlocking retaining wall design is that the structure will be strong, durable, and totally stable. With a variety of design aesthetics and colors, you won’t have to compromise on curb appeal. 

Limestone Wall


Limestone are often picked because of their elegance and variety of color that they offer. It can be cut and shaped into a desired look and often have a more uniform appearance when placed together

Boulder walls


Boulders make a powerful statement, and their sheer size gives them an advantage as a retaining wall building material.

Retaining Wall


The Allan Block Collections of retaining wall products give you a choice of styles to meet your site and design requirements.

Stone retaining Wall


Give the appearance of a natural stone wall and is popular because of its attractive appearance Fieldstone retaining walls are best under 6 feet since they’re too light to hold back that much earth.