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  1. 4 hours ago

    HEY KIDS! COMICS! #1 by is a semi-realistic account about the cut-throat business of making comics and the creators who get shafted by corporate greed. If you want an "inside-baseball" comics edition, this is a solid look into that world. ...

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    8 hours ago

    Welcome to the family, — ready to bring Batwoman to life? Head here for more details:

  3. Retweeted
    Jul 3

    Harley Quinn is always 100-percent herself, but will that change when she heads to Apokolips? Writer chats with about the upcoming adventure in HARLEY QUINN #45 and what makes the Maid of Mischief special:

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    Jul 6

    Eel's no detective, but he's trying his best to find Pado Swakatoon in 's exclusive preview of PLASTIC MAN #2:

  5. Aug 6

    ., , , and delivered to us the masterpiece that is Marvel's VISION. This new classic about what it means to be human is a must-read for all, and we happily discussed it on our podcast and in this article!

  6. Aug 6

    From , CELLS AT WORK VOL. 1 by Akane Shimizu is a smart comedy with anthropomorphized bodily cells and a shonen-style twist.

  7. Aug 6

    ATTACK ON TITAN recently added new layers of complexity by diving into Erwin and Historia's memories. Check out our newest review!

  8. Aug 6

    Netflix is losing three of anime's coolest shonen series. Check out news on this announcement before your favorites go away for good.

  9. Aug 6

    Morals can be tricky. JADED by Jon Santana, Jimbo Salgado, Jomar Bulda, and Bunny Pasig show us what heros are like when they're just people.

  10. Aug 6

    Check out the five DC villains who made the change to good!

  11. Aug 6

    Is a successful Venom movie without Spider-Man even possible? Perhaps, if VENOM 2018 is willing to learn from the mistakes of SPIDER-MAN 3.

  12. Aug 6

    Our final installment of The Marlowe Files looks at the final Marlowe film POODLE SPRINGS. How does the detective's final case stand against his classic adventures?

  13. Aug 5

    Somehow, both MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS have yet to experience franchise fatigue. Let's compare their evolutionary parallels.

  14. Aug 4

    The Yaoyorozu and Jiro combo is incredible! Check out our review of MY HERO ACADEMIA Episode 55!

  15. Aug 4

    finally came to theaters in the US this summer with a limited release. From the producer of , does FIREWORKS live up to be an instant classic too?

  16. Aug 3

    He's back! 's resident fashion expert returns to remind you of hated and forgotten costumes from the likes of , , , , and so many more.

  17. Aug 3

    This FANTASTIC FOUR #1 preview seems to prove that Reed and Sue are back in action. Are they really? Check out the preview to decide for yourself!

  18. Aug 3

    Golden Age heroes face a mysterious threat in the modern day, but who pulls the strings of this evil?

  19. Aug 3

    He's back! 's resident fashion expert returns to remind you of hated and forgotten costumes from the likes of , , , , and so many more.

  20. Aug 3

    Will these New 52 AQUAMAN stories play a big role in the upcoming film from and


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