Comic Book Artist for The New York Times bestseller INVINCIBLE. Currently on Marvels Amazing Spider-Man.

Joined May 2010
Born on August 08


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    4 hours ago

    Thank you very much and for the opportunity to get my grubby mitts on some truly AMAZING art! Couldn't be more pleased with Magneto, and the ASM page just speaks for itself. Oh wow!

  2. Aug 6

    Not an honest question, but I’ll do my best to answer. I implement angles in my art.... cuz I like it.

  3. Aug 6

    Currently drawing a little Spidey.

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    Aug 5
    Replying to

    Interesting how Batman and Spidey are always in very similar paths 😆 here’s Batman vs Bruce Wayne. This came out last week 😆

  5. Aug 5

    I’ve heard guesses, but no one has guessed it right. And I doubt anyone will guess what’s going on, this is a new one! Comes out THIS Wednesday!

  6. Aug 4

    Ooooo Check that preview of Issue 3.

  7. Aug 4

    Seriously though, don’t deface our comics!!!

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  8. Aug 4

    Issue 3 of Amazing Spider-Man comes out next week on my birthday! To celebrate, buy 3 copies. One to read, one to make a birthday party hat, and one to give to give to so he can use them as wrapping paper for the present he’s getting me.

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  9. Aug 4

    I’ve always wanted a page from BattleChasers, and I got one! So much rad going on in here. I think I need more now!

  10. Aug 3

    You read all 144 issues this week?! Nice! Those 3 compendiums are definitely the best way to do it.

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    Aug 3

    AMAZING! COMIC CON coming to HONOLULU 3 Weeks August 24-25-26 Meet Amazing Spider-Man Artist

  12. Aug 2

    3 issues in. FCBD, Issue 1, Issue 2. I’m having fun playing in the Spidey universe. 2 more issues coming out this month!

  13. Aug 1

    Thank you for ordering one! I might open the list up again sometime this year.

  14. Aug 1
  15. Aug 1

    A little secret sneak peek for your eyeballs only. Don’t show anybody.

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    Aug 1

    On this day thirteen years ago, issue #25 was released! It featured the return of Omni-Man as well as both the Origins and Science Dog back-ups.

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  17. Jul 31
  18. Jul 31
  19. Jul 31

    At Felixcomicart, 2 issues of ASM original art is now up for sale here >

  20. Jul 31

    I owe everything to boredom!


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