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X-Men Red: Meet Trinary, The Marvel Universe’s Newest Major Mutant

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X-Men Red: Meet Trinary, The Marvel Universe’s Newest Major Mutant

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for X-Men Red #2 by Tom Taylor and Mahmud Asrar, in stores now.

Jean Grey is back among the living, and she’s looking to make a real difference in the world. Instead of going about it the way the X-Men always have, as more of a reactionary group, she decides to be proactive. She seeks to make the world a better place for mutants on a political platform. Such a grand plan means she’ll be facing all kinds of obstacles put up by people who don’t want her to achieve her goals. Dangerous people. To that end, she puts a new sort of team together: the X-Men Red, a team who will help her execute her vision of a better, safer world for all.

In the first issue of Tom Taylor and Mahmud Asrar’s X-Men Red, we met Jean’s first recruits: Nightcrawler, Namor, Wolverine (Laura Kinney) and her young sister Gabrielle, who now goes by Honey Badger — all fan-favorite characters of their own. But the recruiting doesn’t stop there. In the second issue of the series, we meet an entirely new character, a young Indian mutant named Trinary, who is bound to become the newest X-Man.

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Technically, Trinary made her first appearance in X-Men Red #1, during a flash forward sequence that saw Jean’s team in matching costumes. However, other than her name, we didn’t learn anything about her — she only appeared in a single panel, and she didn’t talk. However, issue #2 is all about introducing her to the Marvel Universe.

We meet Trinary just as she’s being locked up in Delhi for a crime against the Indian government. Before long, we come to learn that Trinary is a technopath — meaning that she can control electronic devices, digital signals and computers with her mind. With such a power, it’s not hard to guess that this new mutant is a hacker, and one with a solid feminist conscience. It turns out that the crime that got her locked up in a secluded prison was to try and close the wage gap between the male and female workforce of India. Trinary hacked into the bank accounts of the most paid CEOs in the country, and redistributed the money into the accounts of every female worker in the country to increase their earnings by 25%.

X-Men Red Trinary

Her need to fix the social inequities of the world makes Trinary a shoe-in for Jean Grey’s more politically-oriented team. She’s young, and angry at the state of the world. She has a good heart and noble intentions, and she has the means to make an actual difference. What’s more, she’s very, very smart. She knew that what she did would mean the government would come for her, so she created a backup plan for her release: an automated message that would find its way to Jean Grey, asking for help.

Thanks to the undercover efforts of Jean and her team, Trinary is broken out of prison — but the mutants aren’t exactly out of the woods yet. With the arrival of a mutant-hunting Sentinel, things just got a whole lot more dangerous. Surely, a technopath will prove to be a worthy opponent to such a technological foe.

X-Men Red full team roster costumes

We’ve only just met Trinary, but already her presence is shaping up to be a fun and inspired addition to an already diverse team whose ranks aren’t even complete yet. This is only the start of Trinary’s story, but it seems like Taylor and Asrar have great things in store for the Marvel Universe’s newest character.

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